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“I’m lucky Lewis Hamilton paid, or I’d be broke” – Yuki Tsunoda thanks $285 Million Net Worth driver for footing dinner bill

Tejas Venkatesh

"I'm lucky Lewis Hamilton paid, or I'd be broke" - Yuki Tsunoda thanks $285 Million Net Worth driver for footing dinner bill

Yuki Tsunoda joined the rest of his colleagues for Sebastian Vettel’s farewell dinner ahead of the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP. Vettel will be retiring at the end of the 2022 season. Only Seb can manage to bring the entire grid together after a season like 2022!

Vettel is one of the most loved drivers in the F1 grid who enjoys a positive relationship with all drivers. The 4-time World Champion even gave each driver a card.

Apparently, it was Charles Leclerc who suggested the idea and venue for Vettel’s send-off party. But it was Lewis Hamilton who footed the bill for the dinner.


Although none of the drivers revealed who paid for the dinner. But the GDPA Chairman Alex Wurz later thanked Hamilton in his caption for initiating the dinner.

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Yuki Tsunoda thanks Lewis Hamilton for paying the bill

Yuki Tsunoda claimed it was a fun evening to join the rest of the grid for a dinner. He also spoke about his interaction with Sebastian Vettel.

Yuki said, “It was a special dinner that I had never experienced before. I really enjoyed it and got to know each driver better than I ever have before. It was a great dinner.”

He adds, “It’s sad that Seb won’t be on the grid next year. He’s a passionate guy and he’s given so much to Formula 1. We’ll definitely miss him, but he’s really nice. It was a great dinner.”

Yuki claimed that Seb had spoken about his post-retirement plans and the environmental initiatives he will engage in. Some of which the Japanese driver wishes to learn more about.

However, Yuki was spared a sigh of relief when he did not have to fork out the check on the table. Tsunoda declined to say whether Hamilton paid for it, but added, “Ask Lewis! Well, anyway, I’m lucky enough to say I didn’t pay, otherwise, I’d be broke. So I enjoyed my dinner!”

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