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“It won’t be difficult for me in the end”: Sergio Perez wouldn’t be bothered leaving $10 Million per year life

Tejas Venkatesh
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has ruled out the possibility of retirement after his contract with Red Bull expires at the end of the 2024 season.

Sergio Perez’s F1 career trajectory shot up after the Mexican signed with Red Bull in 2021. Before that The Mexican was driving for midfield position with Force India, later Racing Point.

Despite being loyal to the team and pulling it out of bankruptcy, Perez was informed that he would not be recalled for the 2021 season. And the Mexican was replaced by the 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

But after a dramatic last-to-first victory at the 2020 Sakhir GP, Perez became a fan favourite. And Red Bull signed him up alongside Max Verstappen on a 2-year deal.

Perez was crucial in Max’s Championship win in 2021. Red Bull would not have clinched their 5th Driver’s title without his defensive driving to hold back Mercedes and regular points.


Following the heroics in the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP that helped Max win the title, Red Bull considered retaining the services of Sergio Perez. And following his win in the 2022 Monaco GP, Perez’s contract was extended till the end of 2024.

Perez has a family and 2 young children. And following Sebastian Vettel’s decision to retire at the end of the 2022 season to stay close to family, Perez was asked if he intended to do the same. But he rather enjoys racing a lot more!

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Sergio Perez wishes to stay in F1 beyond 2024

Sergio Perez has won 2 races with Red Bull since he signed with the team. Not a regular winner, But Perez has aided the team with a consistent flow of points and podium finishes to keep the team steady in the championship battles.

But the Mexican, who will be 35 by the end of the 2024 season, has no plan on quitting F1. And he intends to stay on the grid as long as he is asked to!

But the Mexican said, “I still have a contract until 2024. But I can’t imagine that I’ll end my career then. I’m too young for that and still having too much fun.”

“Even if the sport takes up a lot of time. But that’s how it is. Formula 1 will be your life. And you can’t just leave that behind. And yet it won’t be difficult for me in the end.”


Perez believes he has the best chance to win a championship with Red Bull. But the Mexican knows his teammate Max Verstappen is a much more talented driver, and beating him every other weekend is not easy.

But the Mexican has received flak from Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko for not being as good as Max. And if Marko is not impressed, then your seat is clearly in danger!

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