“It hasn’t been an easy ride”: Former F1 Champion feels Red Bull glory was the perfect way for Honda to sign off from the sport

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Published January 04, 2022

Jenson Button feels that ending on a high note with Red Bull was the perfect way for Honda to end their latest F1 stint. 

Before the start of the 2021 season, Honda announced that it would be their last year in F1. They’ll continue to work with Red Bull as the latter launch their own powertrain unit, but the iconic name won’t be a part of the sport anymore.

2009 F1 Champion Jenson Button feels that Honda left at the right time. He cites the amount of money the Japanese put in the sport as the reason for his statements. Button took part in 140 F1 races with a Honda powered car, so the Brit understands their difficulties, especially over the last few years.

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“They are so passionate about their racing, and it’s a shame to see them leaving again.” said Button. “But I kind of have an idea of how much they are spending, and it’s a lot of money, so I kind of get why they want to leave. It’s time.”

“But they’ve had a fantastic year in the sport and it’s lovely for them, because it’s not been the easiest ride for them on this journey.” he added.

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McLaren should have trusted Honda as Red Bull did, says Button

Jenson Button was driving for McLaren when the Surrey-based team reunited with Honda in 2015. Reliability issues with their V6 engines plagued what was supposed to be a ‘happy reunion’ between the two.

He is adamant that the British team should have shown more patience despite the troubles. He adds that the Honda engines showed glimpses of solid performances at many stages.

“I was with them at the start of their V6 hybrid project, and it wasn’t easy for them,” he said. “In the hybrid era, they struggled when they first came in. They were obviously a couple of years behind everyone else. There were lots of reliability issues.

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“And I think it’s a shame that McLaren didn’t hang on with them. It was very easy for them to point the finger when they weren’t competitive and they pointed to the most unreliable part, which was the engine.”

“But now moving forward, working with a team like Red Bull and all their experience. It seems that they’ve found a really good partnership.”

“It’s nice to see Honda winning again becausee their last win before the era with Red Bull was mine in 2006. A long time ago in sport. So it’s great to see them winning.” Button concluded.

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