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“It was lovely time we spent with him”– Man who used to babysit Lewis Hamilton shares his childhood photos

Tanish Chachra
|Fri Jan 07 2022

Bruce Harris, who used to babysit Lewis Hamilton back in 1985, shares photos of his childhood; the Briton turns 37 on this day.

Lewis Hamilton, the most successful driver in F1 history, turns 37 on this day. While the Briton has won seven world titles and around 103 Grand Prix races, his motorsport career is well known, and so is his childhood.

Several coverages have been about his youth days in Stevenage and how he used to kart around the UK. To add upon it, a man who reportedly used to take care of Hamilton when he was a toddler shares his childhood photos.

Bruce Harris used to live in Stevenage while Hamilton was really young. Harris talking about Hamilton’s early days shares how he hardly ever troubled him. He also informs that he hardly ever saw the Mercedes star cry when he was a child.

“I remember when I first saw him he was such a chubby boy with really frizzy Afro hair. Whenever we went out with him people always used to comment on it,” shares Harris.
“He used to absolutely look to the neighbours’ theme tune. Where ever he was in the house he would just run to the TV and start dancing in front of it. He just loved it.”
“He was good as gold to look after and I can never remember him crying. He wasn’t a fussy boy either and he’d eat anything you put in front of him and always seemed happy.”

It was a lovely time with Lewis Hamilton

Harris hardly would have wondered 37 years ago that Hamilton would become one of the greatest of all time in his sport. Moreover, a staunch advocate of human rights, Hamilton indeed came a long way.

One of the photos shared by Harris is also currently Hamilton’s profile picture on Instagram. That means probably the two are still in touch at present.

“At that time we had a whippet-cross called Ben and they were always playing together in the garden. It was a lovely time we spentwith him and I’m glad the way he’s turned out and we both wish him all the best for the future,” concluded Harris.

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