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Lando Norris Spotted on Ultra Exclusive Dating App 19 Months After Break Up With Brazilian Model Luisinha Oliveira

Sabyasachi Biswas

Lando Norris Spotted on Ultra Exclusive Dating App 19 Months After Break Up With Brazilian Model Luisinha Oliveira

Lando Norris has become the latest F1 driver to sign up on Raya, an exclusive dating app. This news comes 19 months after the McLaren driver split up with Brazilian model Luisinha Oliveira. A fan on Instagram showed Norris’ profile on this dating app that is mostly used by celebrities.

Norris announced his break-up with Oliveira in September of 2022, via a social media post. Since then, he has been single, focusing on bettering himself in the world of F1. However, his profile on Raya suggests that he is ready to get back to dating.

The account that was shown by the fan on ‘f1gossipofficial’ could very well be fake. However, Raya does take strong measures to prevent identity theft, and it isn’t easy to make an account of any sort in this exclusive dating app. Sometimes, people interested in creating a profile need to wait for weeks, if not months, for an approval. Even then, they can be rejected.

Meanwhile, his ex Oliveira’s current relationship status remains unknown. That isn’t to say that she has been away from the limelight, as her immense popularity back home earned her a place on Brazil’s version of Dancing With The Stars.

Is Lando Norris the only F1 driver on Raya?

Raya is very popular dating app among celebrities and famous athletes. F1 drivers too have tried their trade in the app, including seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Reports suggested that Hamilton posted pictures of skydiving and sunbathing on the app, to attract potential suitors.

Since the start of 2023, the 39-year-old old was rumored to be dating multiple women including Juliana Nalu, and Shakira. However, he did not confirm these rumored relationships. Going by the records, Hamilton’s last public relationship was with Nicole Scherzinger, and now, he’s trying to be back on the dating scene again.

Apart from him, reigning F2 champion and Sauber reserve driver Theo Pourchaire has also joined Raya’s exclusive list. The Frenchman reportedly put up a picture of him with the Tom and Jerry mascots to garner impressions.

Raya charges a $49.99 monthly rate for their Raya+ membership. It also comes with a less premium $24.99 per month membership. To skip the verification line, users can pay an additional $7.99.

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