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Max Verstappen Is Looking for His ‘Pillow’ as George Russell Continues to Drive Slowly at the Monaco GP

Aishwary Gaonkar

Max Verstappen Is Looking for His ‘Pillow’ as George Russell Continues to Drive Slowly at the Monaco GP

The 2024 Monaco GP has seen immense jeopardy with crashes and collisions on the first lap itself. However, for Max Verstappen, the race has been as uninteresting as it can be, driving in sixth place. After a lengthy red flag, the Dutchman switched to medium tires, having started on the hards and so did George Russell ahead of him. However, the Mercedes driver is driving very slowly to save his tires and Verstappen is unimpressed.

The three-time champion came on his radio to say, “This is boring really, I should’ve brought my pillow”. Max Verstappen has not really been used to being stuck in the middle of the pack in the past two seasons.

The 26-year-old has dominated races by leading and disappearing into the distance after starting on pole. Sadly, he could not replicate his qualifying heroics this season in Monaco as Red Bull have struggled with their car’s handling all weekend.

Thus, Verstappen had to opt for an alternative strategy to make his way up from P6 in the Grand Prix. Even the Mercedes duo of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton did the same, switching to medium tires during the red flag.

However, as per Sky Sports F1’s Anthony Davidson, Russell’s strategy could influence the Monaco GP strategy immensely. Apparently, the #63 driver’s slow driving has created a massive gap to Lando Norris in fourth place.

While it doesn’t help the Mercedes drivers and Verstappen much, Norris and McLaren could benefit big time. Davidson mentioned how Charles Leclerc and Ferrari leading the race could lose out if the British team pulls an undercut by pitting Norris.

What Charles Leclerc needs to do to secure his maiden Monaco GP win

Charles Leclerc did a brilliant job of surviving the two race starts at the 2024 Monaco GP. While Oscar Piastri has run him close, the Monegasque seems set to win his maiden home race, unless something drastic happens.

As Davidson mentioned, Leclerc doesn’t need to push too much and get away from Russell’s group of medium-tire runners. If he can back the pack up and avoid giving Norris or Piastri a free pit-stop window, the Ferrari driver can easily cruise to victory in the Principality.

Though as Verstappen stated, the 2024 Monaco GP is quite processional with no action so far. Unless a safety car spices things up further, all drivers are cruising to the chequered flag, managing their pace and tires.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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Aishwary Gaonkar


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