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Max Verstappen Thanks Girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s Daughter Penelope for Keeping Him Punctual With His Daily Routine

Vidit Dhawan

Max Verstappen Thanks Girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s Daughter Penelope for Keeping Him Punctual With His Daily Routine

Max Verstappen has an outstanding relationship with his girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s daughter, Penelope. The two seem to have an adorable bond and Penelope is often also seen in several of the Dutchman’s videos. Verstappen has now revealed how Penelope also helps him remain punctual despite her tender age.

In a recent interview with the Telegraaf (as quoted by Nini), Verstappen said, “It is no longer possible that I am lying in bed until 10 in the morning. When they are awake, I also wake up at some point and start my day. Sometimes to train with Rupert (his performance coach), sometimes for sim racing, then for another appointment with Raymond (his manager)“.

Verstappen then also labeled Penelope as an “automatic alarm” clock. The 26-year-old believes that the only time he now needs to set an alarm is when he is away from home for race weekends.

Verstappen seems to have such a strong relationship with Penelope even though he is not her father. Penelope is the daughter of his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, and her former partner, Daniil Kvyat. Verstappen understands this fact well and once also revealed that he hopes that Penelope can continue to have a strong relationship with Kvyat.

I’m not the father, that’s not the aim. It’s always very important that she has a good relationship with her own father, which she has,” Verstappen once explained in an interview with Despite the same, Penelope is one of Verstappen’s biggest supporters and also attended the Australian and Japanese GP earlier this year to watch him race.

Max Verstappen was delighted he won Japanese GP for Penelope

After Penelope witnessed him suffer a DNF in Australia, Max Verstappen was determined to set the record straight. During the very next race in Japan, he cruised to victory.

Fortunately, for him, Penelope was in attendance again. Verstappen believes Penelope needed to see him win or else she might feel that she brings bad luck for him.

Verstappen’s win at Suzuka was his third win of the 2024 season. He can now make it four wins from five if he wins Sunday’s Chinese GP, a race he starts on pole.

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