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Mercedes Keep Seats Warm for Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen As Red Bull Implosion Awaits

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Mercedes Keep Seats Warm for Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen As Red Bull Implosion Awaits

Helmut Marko is currently under investigation for being related to the leaks that were allegedly used as evidence for Christian Horner’s trial at Red Bull. This could lead to Marko departing the team, and if he does, Toto Wolff will be waiting for him. Wolff has a great relationship with Marko and admits his desire to make the Austrian a Niki Lauda replacement.

Per an update from X user ‘Fastest Pitstop,’ Marko revealed he had discussions with Red Bull regarding his investigation. He added that things will have to be right for him to want to continue working with Red Bull. Marko has now been instructed by his team to not talk to the media. Should the 80-year-old do so, his team will look at it as him undermining the authority.


Looking for the perfect candidate to replace Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes might be in for a treat. The Silver Arrows would be more than happy to welcome Marko aboard their ship alongside Max Verstappen. Toto Wolff claimed (as per Fastest Pitstop in X) that Marko is the perfect age to replace Lauda.

It is no secret that Max Verstappen’s loyalties lie with Marko. There have been instances of the Dutchman claiming he would leave Red Bull should they oust him from the team. Given the latest investigations and the subsequent potential of Marko’s departure from the team, rumors of Verstappen reading himself to head out the exit door are catching wind.

Max Verstappen has his say on the Helmut Marko situation

Addressing the media after the Qualifying session in Jeddah, Verstappen pointed out the importance of Helmut Marko within Red Bull’s setup. The Dutchman claimed Marko has worked hard with the late Dietrich Mateschitz since day 1 and built a strong team. The 80-year-old has always been loyal to the team, and Verstappen feels it is important for Marko to gain much respect from his peers. The 3X world champion also pointed out his loyalty towards Marko in the event the senior F1 entity has to leave the team.

Per Verstappen, if “such an important pillar” of the F1 and Red Bull community falls apart, it won’t be good for his situation either. Hence, Marko has to stay for Verstappen to stay. Marko is an important part of Verstappen’s future in Red Bull, and without him, the Dutchman might not necessarily stay with the team. Chaos would certainly unravel should Marko have to step away from Red Bull, and a struggling Mercedes outfit could stand as the biggest beneficiary in the end.

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