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Miami GP Did What the NFL Couldn’t Do For 58 Years All In Just One Weekend

Mahim Suhalka

Miami GP Did What the NFL Couldn't Do For 58 Years All In Just One Weekend

It is no secret the massive and undeniable positive impact Drive to Survive (DTS) has had on Formula 1. The Netflix show propelled the sport to new heights of popularity. Despite DTS bringing new fans to the sport from across the globe, the effect has been most evident in America. This is exactly why there are three races in the United States alone. Hence, when Miami got the rights to host a race, they put in immense effort when it came to investment, planning, and execution. However, the architect of the Miami GP circuit, Tom Garfinkel, revealed it was all worth it by explaining how the Miami GP achieved something that the NFL could not manage for 58 years.

The mindset of the curator was to cater to everyone and not just the rich. This is exactly why he revealed in a recent interview with Joe Pompliano that the tickets ranged from $150 to $15,000.

In both types of passes, the fans had the luxury of enjoying the various food and beverage options with music, an option to go on the beach or take a dip in the pool. Once a fan bought a ticket, Garfinkel didn’t want to put all the pressure on just the sport to deliver.

Hence, he created an experience that the fans would enjoy despite what happened on the track. He then also revealed how they created about 30 different experiences for all attendees throughout the price spectrum.

This is how the Miami Grand Prix beat the NFL. The lure of F1 at the Miami GP was such that the race weekend generated 25% more revenue from ticket sales than the Miami Dolphins did throughout the 2022 season. Another reason why the Miami GP was so successful is because it is one of the most unique races on the calendar.

What makes the Miami GP unique?

What makes the Miami GP unique is everything it has to offer apart from brilliant racing. Since the inaugural event, the race weekend has developed a reputation as one of the best off-track entertainers.

The Miami GP attracts several celebrities from Hollywood to the fashion and sports industry, and tech giants like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The race weekend also inspired F1-related events in and around the city throughout the weekend.

For 2024, the live music events will be headlined by Ed Sheeran and DJ Summit at the Hard Rock Beach Club. Those fans who cannot watch these two events live will still have plenty of other options to choose from around the circuit. It is this neverending entertainment that makes the Miami GP so unique and enjoyable to watch for fans.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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Mahim Suhalka

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