“Mick Schumacher is the Dale Earnhardt Jr. of Formula 1″– F1 fans gutted after Mick Schumacher loses yet another opportunity to score first career points

Tanish Chachra
|Published June 19, 2022

Mick Schumacher was closest to scoring his first F1 points while competing in Canada but a technical failure forces him to retire.

After the 30 race starts, Mick Schumacher is yet to score his first F1 career points. Even though he has got several opportunities to score points, he has never managed to bag one.

Coming to Canada, Schumacher had an incredible performance in qualifying. He brought in a P6 result that ensured him a third-row start for the main race.

Things couldn’t have been better for Schumacher to open his bank. But destiny had other plans, as in the initial phase of the race, he had to retire due to a technical failure.

This was the second DNF of the race, as Sergio Perez before him got retired after losing power. Nevertheless, this could have been a game-changing performance for the German race driver, who is currently low on confidence, as he is unable to convert his prospects.

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F1 Twitter feels horrible for Mick Schumacher

F1 Twitter instantly felt bad for Schumacher as they were waiting for his first points. Many felt that Haas needs to improve its reliability, as their drivers are going out easily with technical problems.

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This race wasn’t great for Haas anyway. His teammate Kevin Magnussen finished way below in the grid and brought no points for the team despite starting at P5.

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