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“We weren’t rich at all so I had one present”: Throwback when Michael Schumacher dressed up as a Santa Claus in 1999

Janmeyjay Shukla

"We weren't rich at all so I had one present": Throwback when Michael Schumacher dressed up as a Santa Claus in 1999

Let us look back into the history of Scuderia Ferrari when Michael Schumacher visited the Italian factory on the eve of Christmas in 1999

Seven times world champion has already gifted Ferrari with five championships. Likewise, let us look at the time when Schumacher also gifted members of his team with some presents in 1999.

Ho ho ho! Yes, you heard it right, the Regenmaster dawned a Santa Claus dress at the Ferrari staff Christmas party.

Jingle Bells, Michael Schumacher on the way

He arrived at the factory in a private car meeting with the officials at the workplace. As the staff gathered around to celebrate Christmas with their families, he came out with a round of applause. Jean Todd beside him, the superstar was surrounded by interviewers.

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When asked if he wrote cards to Santa, Schumi replied: “Yes! When I was young, I was doing as every other kid. I was writing letters to the Christmas father and hoping to get some nice presents.”

The parents were much more excited compared to their children. Parents were acting like children asking their kids to greet and take the presents from the driver. Schumacher continued to distribute presents to the young children.

From receiving one gift to receiving drivers championship

When asked if he received many parents, Schumi replied: “No, at the time we weren’t rich at all so I had one present which was nice for me but not many presents.”

He continued to greet children and make a day to remember for all of them. The interviewer also asked ‘Santa Schumacher’ if the team can win the championship next year. The then two times world champion optimistically responded that he hopes to bring the drivers and constructor championship back to Ferrari as a Christmas gift.

Scuderia Ferrari fanbase support is everything

Jody Scheckter was Ferrari’s last world champion in 1979. Schumacher came close in 1997 and 1998 however there was no stopping Villeneuve and Hakkinen.

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He urged the supporters stating: Cross Fingers. Keep with us and support us as strongly as you can. We know we promised for many years to bring the championship, but it’s a sport. It is difficult, we try everything and we will be a good team next year.”

“I believe we have a good opportunity,” he concluded.

The promises came true as Schumacher won five straight championships with the team up until 2005.

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