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“Overall investments in real estate could go up to a whopping $130 million”– How Lewis Hamilton created mammoth real estate empire

Tanish Chachra

"Overall investments in real estate could go up to a whopping $130 million"– How Lewis Hamilton created mammoth real estate empire

Lewis Hamilton, one of the richest athletes in the world, owns up a huge real estate empire worth over half of his total net worth.

The most successful F1 driver in history, Lewis Hamilton, seems to be a massive believer in real estate investments. The Briton has amassed properties that can be calculated as up to $130 million.

His net worth falls around $250 million. So, having half of it engaged in properties across several nations signals that he finds something fruitful in owning properties.

The seven-time world champion firstly has a London mansion which costs around $25 million. The 37-year-old driver holds exotic penthouses in Geneva (Switzerland) and Monaco (where he largely lives throughout the year).

Earlier, he also had a three-storey penthouse in New York, which he reportedly sold for around $49.5 million. According to Sun, he also owns another property in New York. The details of it are currently unknown.

Moreover, he has also invested around $30 million worth of investment in the Grenada resort. The country from where his father belongs. There could be several other properties the F1 media is unaware of.

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Other investments by Lewis Hamilton

Apart from real estate, Hamilton is also keen on owning some businesses and investing in new-age services. The Briton invested a handsome sum in a vegan burger restaurant, which has now progressed to be a vast chain. The fast-food venture is now worth around $70 million.

Meanwhile, he recently invested in a rapid grocery delivery startup, Zapp. According to CNBC, the company didn’t disclose the funding from Hamilton and how much stake he owns in the company.

But the magnitude of the company can be known by its Series B funding of around $200 million. The company is also financially advised by JPMorgan reportedly.

So, it can be said that Hamilton, when it comes to his wealth, wants to enhance it by having intelligent investments. This quality is rarely seen in sportspersons. Many are even prone to go bankrupt for their lavish lifestyle choices.

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