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Red Bull Can Win Championship in Singapore; But They Would Need a Favor From Mercedes

Sabyasachi Biswas

Red Bull Can Win Championship in Singapore; But They Would Need a Favor From Mercedes

After the introduction of a new set of regulations in 2022, Red Bull showed what an absolute powerhouse they can be. Coming into 2023, they have already eclipsed their level as they are on a ferocious unbeaten run. With over one-third of the season still remaining, the Bulls can clinch this season’s championship already. However, as per a recent calculation by Enzo on X, they will need Mercedes’ help for that.

The Austrian team has been ever-dominant with their performance this time around, except for a minor bump. They took victories in all the 14 races F1 held this season. Furthermore, they are on a 15-race winning streak after their recent win at Monza.

Out of 14 wins, they had a 1-2 finish six times, and that put them way ahead of everyone else when it comes to championship points. So much so that the Milton-Keynes-based team can claim their championship as early as the Singapore Grand Prix, but only if Silver Arrows help them.

Red Bull needs Mercedes’ help to be crowned champions

After 14 rounds of dominant racing, Red Bull Racing amassed a whopping 583 points. That is more than twice what Mercedes has in P2. Therefore, with the huge gap between them, the Bulls can take home their successive Constructors’ championship.

As things stand, the Silver Arrows trail the defending champions by 310 points. If the Bulls can claim one more win in Singapore, they will be crowned champions of 2023. However, there’s a catch.

In that case, Red Bull needs to have yet another 1-2 finish by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez and the extra point from the fastest lap. Most importantly, Mercedes needs to stop at just two points or less. Therefore, if everything falls in line, Red Bull Racing will be 2023 F1 champion. However, Mercedes cannot afford to slip up as they have imminent danger ahead.

Mercedes is in danger from Ferrari and Aston Martin

As Red Bull needs Mercedes to fail so that they can win the championship in Singapore, the Silver Arrows cannot afford to have that. The German giants have immediate threats from Ferrari and Aston Martin as they are very close in championship points.

The Silver Arrows are in P2 of the Constructors’ championship with 273 points. Whereas the Prancing Horse and the Green team are in P3 and P4 with 228 and 217 points respectively.

Therefore, with just a 45-point cushion, the Brackley brigade cannot afford to let the position slip at any cost. Furthermore, the promise the Italian team has shown off late, Mercedes needs to be on top of their game to keep their lead with eight more races still to go.

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Sabyasachi Biswas

Sabyasachi Biswas


Sabyasachi Biswas is an F1 journalist at The SportsRush. With over one and a half decades of love for the sport and five years of experience in the field, he dreams to be a regular at the paddock when the lights go out. A Red Bull fan and F1 fan in general over the years, he enjoyed watching Felipe Massa, Sebastian Vettel, and Max Verstappen dominate the track. Apart from F1, he's also a big-time Madridista and Federer fanatic. He was a sub-junior level footballer, won inter-district quizzes and debate competitions back in school. A travel freak throughout, he tries different cuisines and learns new cultures whenever he's away from the keyboard.

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