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Red Bull Turn to VCARB for Help as Power Dynamics Shift to Keep Max Verstappen’s Reign Alive

Veerendra Vikram Singh

Red Bull Turn to VCARB for Help as Power Dynamics Shift to Keep Max Verstappen’s Reign Alive

Despite AlphaTauri’s name change to Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) this season, the Faenza-based outfit continue to operate as Red Bull’s sister team. Often, Red Bull faces accusations of passing down their technology to VCARB. However, the tables might turn soon. Red Bull is currently grappling with car handling problems due to suspension issues, and this time, they might look to VCARB, which hasn’t shown similar problems.

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Dr. Helmut Marko recently discussed how Max Verstappen struggled with the suspension of his car while driving over the kerbs in Canada. During the race, Verstappen complained about his suspension to his race engineer, having faced this issue earlier in the weekend.

“The driving on the kerbs is terrible. The suspensions are blocked. I can’t get on them because, otherwise, I risk ending up knocked out,” Verstappen shared.

This issue has been a recurring theme for Red Bull. The rigidity of their car, the RB20, has been a major concern. They struggle to set up their car properly on tracks with bumpy surfaces or where riding the kerbs are crucial for minimizing lap times. Interestingly, VCARB hasn’t faced such issues, which has caught the attention of Red Bull.

After looking at V-CARB’s set-up for the car, Helmut Marko mentioned in his usual post-race column on that Red Bull showed up in Canada with an unsatisfactory setup. Marko wrote,

“After the difficulties in Monaco, we reacted by arriving in Canada with a softer basic set-up. But it wasn’t enough. Given that the Racing Bulls car proved very strong in this respect in Montreal, we are taking a closer look at where Red Bull Racing may have made a mistake. I believe we are on the right path to make progress soon regarding the front suspension”.

Verstappen believes this problem is more fundamental to the design of the RB20 and can’t be fixed by simply changing the setup. “We went softer, stiffer, everything. But the car is like a go-kart. It’s like I’m running without suspension,” said the Dutchman after failing to qualify on pole for the first time in the season at Monaco.

How has VCARB performed so far in 2024?

VCARB has emerged as a strong contender in the midfield in 2024. They have scored 28 points so far this season, more than their entire points tally of 25 in 2023. This impressive turnaround has come after a significant change in their team personnel.

Ahead of the 2024 season, VCARB announced major changes to their F1 operations, bringing in three experienced technical and trackside personnel. One key change was the arrival of Alan Permane as Racing Director.

Despite these improvements, VCARB could have been in an even better position if Daniel Ricciardo had been more consistent with his performances. Scoring points has become increasingly difficult for teams in the bottom five due to the clear gap between the top five teams and the rest of the grid.

However, Yuki Tsunoda has consistently scored points, contributing 19 out of the team’s total of 28 points. The Japanese driver’s impressive performance has also earned him a contract extension for the 2025 season.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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