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Ryan Reynolds and Co. Questioned Over Silence After Bringing $218,000,000 ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Like Dream to Alpine F1

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Ryan Reynolds and Co. Questioned Over Silence After Bringing $218,000,000 ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Like Dream to Alpine F1

A few months ago, Alpine was at the center of attention, having secured a $218,000,000 investment from a group including Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Michael B. Jordan. However, not a lot has happened since then, as the team continues to struggle in the middle of the table in the constructor’s championship. Youtube channel ‘The Red Flags Podcast‘ addressed the issue in their latest video with contributing views from ESPN’s F1 General Editor, Nate Saunders.

At the beginning of the season, the French team had high hopes of battling it out for a top-three finish, but the unreliability of their car made it difficult for them to do so. The team soon saw the axing of top personnel in Otmar Szafnauer, Pat Fry, and Alan Permaine, putting them under the radar. Perhaps the only positive to come out of the season for Alpine has been that each of their drivers has had a podium finish.

Still, many problems persist within the French outfit, and the recent investment by Reynolds and Co. has a lot riding on it, much like it did with Wrexham AFC.

Ryan Reynolds and Co.’s investment questioned

Voicing the thoughts of every Alpine fan, Saunders said there were high hopes of a ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ -like situation developing in Alpine. However, the reality couldn’t be more different. There have been no changes within the team, and the new investors are yet to show their support. Even though the Hollywood celebs are a small part of the investment group, their presence could mean a lot to the team.


Saunders elaborated he has also asked Alpine about the implications of the investment and what it means to them tangibly. “Really, for them, it’s just bolstering the whole operation,” was the explanation he gave. The added value to their net worth will act as a morale boost moving forward, especially at a time when everyone is questioning what is going on within the team.

There are chances of more involvement from the latest investors when F1 makes its US stops in Austin and Las Vegas. Should the group make an appearance at one of the races, the most interesting thing will be to hear about their vision for the team. Whether they are there to only enjoy the sport or will they continue investing in the team and hope to change them for the better.

Reynolds criticized for investing in Alpine

Renowned F1 figure and former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan recently slammed Ryan Reynolds and his consort over their investment in Alpine. The Englishman said he found it very strange that a team’s value is at $891 million. He added it makes no financial sense to invest so much money in a business model that does not hold up. Jordan also pointed out it was an excessive amount to pay to a team that pales compared to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

Since joining the F1 grid in 2021, Alpine has won only one Grand Prix and has always been a strong mid-table team. The team from Enstone currently sits in sixth place in the constructor’s championship with 73 points and two podium finishes. They are 42 points away from fifth-placed McLaren and 155 points away from third-placed Mercedes.

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Naman Gopal Srivastava


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