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Sergio Perez’s Performance Coach Becomes Life Saver as He Saves the Mexican From Padel Ball

Mahim Suhalka

Sergio Perez’s Performance Coach Becomes Life Saver as He Saves the Mexican From Padel Ball

Perhaps not on the same level as Formula 1, but Padel has recently become massively popular around the world. The mix of tennis and table tennis is the new go-to recreational sport in the F1 world. However, this is exactly how Sergio Perez could’ve gotten injured ahead of the 2024 Monaco GP. Although, his performance coach saved him.

Perez was engaged in a conversation as seen on Red Bull’s YouTube channel around a Padel ball court. During the chat, there was a quick commotion and a few screams. This caught the Mexican’s attention and he quickly ducked in the middle of the conversation. As soon as he ducked, a ball came flying which was caught by his trainer Jose Canales.

As it turns out, the ball was part of an ongoing Padel game in the same vicinity. It could’ve severely injured the Mexican ahead of the prestigious race on the Circuit de Monaco if it wasn’t for his performance coach. One of the players of the game also came rushing for the ball and Canales handed it to him.

The Mexican former soccer player is not only keeping Perez fit but also saving him from such tragedies. He is also responsible for keeping the 34-year-old in peak physical condition to meet F1’s grueling demands. These are the primary duties of Canales apart from saving him from wayward flying objects.

Sergio Perez hired a mental coach to cope with the F1 championship battle pressure

Apart from physical health, mental health has become an important aspect of all sporting disciplines. Sergio Perez proved it with his honest admission of hiring a mental coach after the lows of the 2023 season.

He hired professional help to tackle the pressure of the F1 championship battle with his teammate. The pressure that he succumbed to after the Miami GP shook his confidence.

As quoted by Planet F1, he said, “Formula 1 is my sport, my life, my passion. When you are having such a hard time with your work, it is difficult to be cheerful at home with your wife and children.”

“So I hired a mental coach because my family deserves to have that cheerful father at home. Together with my coach, I worked on becoming the best version of myself at home, but also as a driver.”

Not just the sport, the Mexican made a conscious effort to seek help for the sake of his family as well. Especially when his output in the sport started affecting his nature at home with his wife and kids. To tackle it all, the 34-year-old made a mature decision and took care of his mental health.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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