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“Sprint races have to pay higher compensation”– Mercedes & Red Bull ask $5million addition in budget cap with additional sprint races; Ferrari ready to settle for less

Tanish Chachra

"Sprint races have to pay higher compensation"– Mercedes & Red Bull ask $5million addition in budget cap with additional sprint races; Ferrari ready to settle for less

F1’s big three teams including Ferrari are demanding an increase in the budget cap with the view that the increased sprint races.

The budget caps were proposed to limit the spending of the big teams. The excessive spending by top teams has historically given a significant advantage in the championship fight.

Now, the caps on these spendings are intended to increase the gulf between the constructors’ resources. Hence, increasing the competition within the grid.

However, the bigger teams aren’t pleased with the decision, and now upon learning the increase in sprint races this year, they are more hostile against the rule.

But, they are aware that the budget caps can’t be removed. According to the Italian Newspaper, claims that Red Bull and Mercedes are asking for an increase in the budget caps by $5million. This demand is made keeping repairing costs in mind from the new format.

Meanwhile, the source mentions that Ferrari is also demanding an increase in the budget. However, they’re ready to settle for less amount compared to their other two rivals.

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McLaren boss furious on Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes

Meanwhile, McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown is furious over the top three sides of F1. He states that these sites are trying to manipulate this levelling rule for their own benefit.

“The ongoing lobbying by certain teams to increase the cost cap for Sprint race damage is a continuing example. The Saturday Sprint race initiative by Formula 1 has added new viewers and raised the profile of the sport.”

“However, these teams continue to demand a raise to the cost cap by an inordinate amount of money. Despite the clear evidence that little damage was incurred during these races last year, in a thinly veiled attempt to protect from their competitive advantage being eroded.”

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