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David Coulthard becomes RB Leipzig $15 Million worth midfielder’s chauffeur for a day

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Move over Marvel, Red Bull is the new king of Multiverse as David Coulthard takes Emil Forsberg on a city tour in a two-seater Red Bull

The Red Bull drink is running on all cylinders having a multiverse on its own. This time the RB Leipzig football team from Bundesliga meets the RB racing team.

The Red Bull brand has a wide range of business catalogs including football teams, arts, athletes, and two Formula One team to its name.

Former Red Bull driver David Coulthard joined RB Leipzig’s midfielder Emil Forsberg for a ride in the two-seater Red Bull car.

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The special two-seater Leipzig Taxi ride

The Red Bull two-seater car is the 720 horsepower V-10 engine that goes to a top speed of 200 mph. Not exactly F1 like but enough to make a passenger feel what it means to drive an F1 car.

Coulthard and Forsberg drove around the city of Leipzig which is also dubbed the ‘hero city’ of Germany. The city contains a wide variety of galleries, museums, and concert halls one for the travel enthusiast.

Emil Forsberg who is a Swedish national team star does love the German city. Moreover, he was the perfect tour guide to Coulthard’s Red Bull car.

David Coulthard and Emil Forsberg share their experiences after an incredible tour

The Swedish midfielder took the British driver to two of his favorite places known as Konneritz Bridge and the modern Plagwitz district.

Talking about this unique experience, Forsberg stated: “It was an incredible experience for me to drive through Leipzig with Coulthard in a Formula One car. You experience something like that maybe once in a lifetime.”

Moreover, it was the second time Coulthard came to Leipzig and did not hide his admiration for the city. He added: “It’s a cool, young university city. There’s just an energy and a vibe here that really makes it feel it’s coming up.”

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