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$140 million worth Sebastian Vettel reveals his post-retirement plans

Tejas Venkatesh
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Sebastian Vettel says he will be going on a long holiday after retiring from F1 at the end of the 2022 Season.

Sebastian Vettel will be retiring from F1 at the end of the 2022 season. The 4-time World Champion revealed his plans ahead of the F1 summer break through an Instagram reel.

Vettel has been quite private about his personal life. Therefore it was quite a buzz when Vettel decided to create an Instagram Profile. And since then everyone has been quite eager to know about his future plans.

The German driver has been in the F1 grid for about 15 years. And during his career, he has raced with the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Needless to say, he has never enjoyed a full break during his competitive days in the sport. And in a recent interview, Vettel revealed that the one thing he wants to do right after the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP, is his last F1 race.


Vettel said, “Well, that’s an easy one! I will do nothing. After the whole season, we are pretty tired. So the first thing I would do is get back home and do nothing.”

He adds, “Normally. there was very little time for a holiday or a break. So this one will be a bit different.” Rumours are that has been offered a seat in IndyCar.

But the plans are still on hold as he wishes to take a break. And the German wishes to explore new plans in the months following his retirement from F1.

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Sebastian Vettel on his future

Sebastian Vettel has a family and 3 children. The German cited in his retirement video that he wishes to spend more time with his family, something that he has missed while racing.

He is also very vocal about Environment and climate change. During his time in F1, he used it as a platform to speak about various issues and addressed many social issues as well.

But driving and racing will always be close to his heart. He has been approached to race in various competitions and also for the role of GDPA director.


He said regarding his future, “I have a very big passion for driving. But at this point, I am not sure how much I am going to miss it. But it will depend on what I would do next.”

Vettel wishes to make an impact and continue addressing the various issues. And he will always be aware of the current scene in motorsports.

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