“The upkeep of Falcon 900EX costs between $1-2 million”– Max Verstappen pays hefty amount just for maintenance of his private jet

Tanish Chachra
|Published May 23, 2022

Max Verstappen boasts a Falcon 900 EX as his private jet, costing around $6.5 million, but its maintenance isn’t less expensive.

After his recent contract extension, Red Bull star driver Max Verstappen is among the wealthiest F1 drivers. Off the track, the Dutchman likes to live a lavish lifestyle.

And he has certain amenities which would envy anyone over his wealth. One of the most prized assets of Verstappen is his private jet- the Falcon 900EX.

The red hot plane is famous for several reasons. For starters, it was previously owned by Virgin Group owner Richard Branson. According to Liberty jet, the service provider of Falcon 900 EX, it costs around $9-15 million.

Additionally, its service cost is also a considerable expense. It costs around $1-2 million for its annual services, depending on how many hours the plane operated. Indeed, owning a private jet is not an easy and economical task.

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Max Verstappen also owns a lavish home in Monaco

Like most F1 drivers, Verstappen lives in the luxury of Monaco. The estimates reveal that the 2021 world champion lives in a house worth $17 million.

Verstappen has really suited himself to the lifestyle of Monaco. He is fond of the moderate climate in the tiny nation and enjoys jet-skiing whenever he is over there.

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The interiors of his home were done by his mom Sophie Kumpen. The 24-year-old race driver is undoubtedly having the best time in his life, and his F1 success from here on will bring him even more financial prowess.

The fight for another championship

After winning the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen is finally at the top of the tally by six points against his rival Charles Leclerc. Though, things would have been different had the Monegasque not retired during the race.

The next race will be in Monaco, where the two drivers will be vying for yet another 26 points. Over there, the overtaking would be nearly impossible, so that the qualifying would be the most crucial.

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