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“Toto Wolff gonna have one less vote”: Michael Andretti assumes why Mercedes is against Andretti entry in F1

Tejas Venkatesh
|Thu Jul 07 2022

Michael Andretti has called out the Mercedes F1 team’s CEO Toto Wolff after the Austrian voted against the American’s efforts.

Recently, Toto Wolff questioned the value a newcomer team like Andretti Autosport, would add to the glamour of the sport. He believes that the new team should prove its worth to be a part of the elite club. Wolff has also called for a higher entry fee for such teams due to inflation.

Micheal Andretti, who is the owner of the Andretti Autosport had submitted a plea to become the latest entrant in the F1 grid. But since then neither the FIA nor Formula 1 has given a green signal to the American team.

F1’s last new entrant was Haas in 2016 and since the 2017 season, there have been only 10 teams in the sport. Andretti plans to create an All-American team, with American drivers and an American-built car

The original plan was to join the F1 grid in 2024, ahead of the regulations change. In an interview with GQ, Michael Andretti lashed on at the F1 management for not being supportive enough.

“He’s using that as an excuse. But you can tell he’s looking at it and thinking, I’m gonna have one less vote. It’s gonna be one more vote against me. That’s the way he’s thinking about it.”

He added, “I pretty much knew what we were getting into here. You’re swimming with the sharks. So, you better make sure you have your harpoon on you. I’m not naive about that… Everybody’s got their knife, and they’re ready to stab you in the back.”

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Toto Wolff and other Team Principals were too ‘snobbish’

Apart from Toto Wolff, other team principals have also rejected the American team’s approach. Except for McLaren and Alpine, all other teams have expressed their displeasure against Andretti joining the sport.

F1 has soared in popularity in the US due to the highly-rated Netflix series “Drive to Survive.” It is the sport’s biggest market and F1 has committed to the nation with an additional race in Miami and one in Las Vegas from 2023.

Michael, son of 1978 Formula One Champion Mario Andretti, believes having an American team will boost the American Fanbase and boost the revenue generated by the sport.

Andretti has remarked that F1 is still a “European club” that sees others as “a threat’ to newcomers. He added, “It’s a very snobbish approach they’re taking. Ultimately, we’re going to bring more value than we’re going to take away.”

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