Sebastian Vettel appears for first time since announcing his departure; chats with Charles Leclerc

Sebastian Vettel makes an appearance for the first time ever since announcing his departure from Ferrari in a public chat with Leclerc.

Sebastian Vettel made headlines when Ferrari and he announced to part ways after the end of the season since then the German driver hasn’t made a public statement or appearance.

Until he featured on a live conversation with Charles Leclerc organised by Mission Winnow. Both teammates apparently discussed several things except for F1.

Vettel revealed that he was actually spending lesser time looking at screens. He doesn’t have any social media accounts, is spending a lot more time outdoors and on his farmhouse in Switzerland.

With everyone resorting to virtual F1 through gaming, Vettel sadly admitted that he wasn’t spending time on the simulator. Unlike Charles, who spends multiple hours racing on F1 2019.

The fans appeared to have a wholesome conversation while listening to their interests. Apart from the mishappening on the track, both Vettel and Leclerc appeared to have a cordial relationship.

However, Vettel won’t be seen on the red car from next season onwards, and he might not even be seen in F1 next season, until he decides to negotiate a contract somewhere else, about which he hasn’t expressed at all.

Meanwhile, as announced earlier on Monday, Italian GP will be organized behind the closed doors and both Leclerc and Vettel will be seen together again.

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There are chances of other GPs also opening their gates for this season’s races, as so far previous races in the calendar have been called off due to the massive Coronavirus outbreak.