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“We Are Probably Not in a Good Place”: Daniel Ricciardo Reflects on His Ground Reality but Vows to ‘Get the Job Done’

Vidit Dhawan

“We Are Probably Not in a Good Place”: Daniel Ricciardo Reflects on His Ground Reality but Vows to ‘Get the Job Done'

Visa Cash App RB (V-CARB) have had a decent start to the 2024 season as they have scored seven points after the first four races. However, it is solely Yuki Tsunoda who has made this entire contribution. Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, continues to struggle. Despite the same, the Australian does not believe that there are any serious issues he or V-CARB need to address.

As quoted by Junaid on Twitter (now X), Ricciardo said, “On paper, we are probably not in a good place but we are not far off. We aren’t really struggling or missing anything. It hasn’t taken any confidence away from me. I feel very confident I can get the job done. It’s funny, I’m in year 14, I think of this and you are always learning”.

However, he did admit that he is far from an ideal position currently. Ricciardo believes that since four races have already concluded in the 2024 season, he should have been comfortable with the V-CARB01 by now.

With over a decade of experience in F1, Ricciardo is well aware of where he needs V-CARB to work on to rediscover his form. After the Japanese GP, he said that he needs the team to improve the car’s downforce and find more pace in the high-speed corners.

Ricciardo believes that once he becomes more confident in navigating the high-speed corners, he will be able to match Tsunoda better in the upcoming races. However, despite the struggles that the Aussie is facing currently, he will most likely be happy with the improvement that V-CARB have shown this season compared to 2023.

V-CARB are arguably one of the most improved teams in 2024

After the first four races of the 2024 season, the top five teams (Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Aston Martin) seem to have a clear advantage over the rest of the field. Therefore, the best a lower midfield side can V-CARB can expect is to finish sixth this season.

That is exactly where the Faenza-based outfit find themselves after the first four races. V-CARB have managed to score seven points and are three points clear of seventh-placed Haas. Meanwhile, the likes of Williams, Sauber, and Alpine are yet to score their first points of the campaign.

Since V-CARB have been performing significantly better than their rivals, they are arguably the most improved side in 2024. This time last season, V-CARB (previously AlphaTauri) had only managed two points after the first four races.

Hence, since V-CARB have gotten off to a better start when compared to last year, their pace is not much of a concern. Their primary worry is the disastrous form of Daniel Ricciardo.

Yuki Tsunoda has so far outqualified the Australian in all four races and has also contributed to all of V-CARB’s points. Therefore, it is pivotal for Ricciardo to rediscover his form if he is to keep his seat on the team for next season, and perhaps also have a shot at securing that second seat at Red Bull.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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