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What is the sprint race in F1 for: How many laps are in a sprint F1 race?

Samriddhi Jaiswal

What is the sprint race in F1 for: How many laps are in a sprint F1 race?

Following a successful run in 2021, F1 Sprint racing has returned in the 2022 season. Find out how the sprint races work.

F1 Sprint is basically a short form of main race that happens on Sunday. The laps in sprint qualifying are one-third of the actual race. Moreover, the drivers in the sprint qualifying are battling for positions on the grid for the main race.

In 2022, the FIA introduced some tweaks to the sprint format of racing. It includes changes in the points system, the races the F1 Sprint is run at, and the effect on the teams’ cost cap.

On Friday, a traditional qualifying will take place to ensure the grid positions for the drivers for the Sprint race on Saturday. As per the new rules in 2022, the drivers who set the fastest time in Q3 in Friday qualifying will be awarded the ‘pole position.’

What is the format of F1 Sprint racing in 2022?

Similar to last year, F1 Sprint races will be a 100km run through the track. There are no mandatory tyre changes or pit stops. It is simply a one-off run from the lights out to the chequered flag.

However, this year, the drivers finishing in the top 8 will be awarded points. Earlier, the points were only rewarded to the top 3 finishers.

The driver who finishes P1 in the sprint races will be awarded eight points. The points will scale from eight to one point for the driver who finishes P8.

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Where are the Sprint races in 2022?

There has been a switch-up in the venues that will be hosting the Sprint races. Imola GP and Austrian GP have been given the chance to run the format in 2022. While it will be the second time that Brazillian GP will host the format.

Earlier this season, during the Imola GP, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished P1 followed by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in P2 and Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez in P3.

F1 Sprint debuted in motorsport in the 2021 British GP. The Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton battled through the track to secure the P1.

However, Verstappen finished in P1 followed by the seven-time world champion in P2 and his teammate Valtteri Bottas in P3.

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