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X-rated OF Model and Lewis Hamilton Fangirl Elle Brooks Smack Talks Max Verstappen and His Orange Army

Sabyasachi Biswas

X-rated OF Model and Lewis Hamilton Fangirl Elle Brooks Smack Talks Max Verstappen and His Orange Army

The 2021 F1 season has been a remarkable year for Formula 1 fans in general. However, it was quite different for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fans in particular as this was the year that started the bad blood between two of the most ferocious fanbases in the world.

Despite the season being past, it’s still active online as Abu Dhabi continues to trend on Twitter. Admittedly, the season-ending race that year in Abu Dhabi has been and will always be one of the most controversial races in the history of F1.

Hamilton fans in particular are still not happy with how their star driver lost out the championship after a controversial call by Michael Masi. From that point onwards, there has been a constant clash between the two parties online.

Even though Verstappen is now way ahead of Hamilton in terms of competition, that doesn’t mean things have died down. As seen in the recent revelation by X-rated OnlyFans model Elle Brooks.

Brooks fuelled the fire again

The renowned OnlyFans figure was recently asked on Instagram about her favorite Formula 1 driver. Revealing her answer as per joe_co_uk on Instagram, Brooks said, “[Lewis] Hamilton.

Brooks who considers herself a big Hamilton fan went on to add, “We hate Verstappen.” Following this, she further asserted, “Well, Verstappen fans are so angry. Like obviously, yes, he’s really good, but I’ve always been a Hamilton fan.”

Furthermore, to prove her fandom Brooks also mentioned that she has been to Silverstone during the 2021 British Grand Prix to witness the mighty tussle between two of the heavyweights of the game.

Brooks witnessed a massive 2021 turning point

The OnlyFans model was lucky enough to witness one of the most interesting turning points of the 2021 season. A season that gave fans the Monza incident, the Abu Dhabi last-lap showdown, and of course, the Silverstone crash.

Coming into the home of Mercedes, the Dutchman was in an advantageous position. It was the tenth race of the season and the first-ever sprint weekend in F1.

As the race started, Verstappen went ahead of Hamilton and tried to cover him from the outside. But in doing so, his right rear touched with the Mercedes driver’s left front.

The contact between them sent shockwaves through everyone as the two-time world champion hit the barrier at extreme speed. In the end, Lewis Hamilton ended up winning the race and enraged Max Verstappen with his victory celebration.

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Sabyasachi Biswas

Sabyasachi Biswas


Sabyasachi Biswas is an F1 journalist at The SportsRush. With over one and a half decades of love for the sport and five years of experience in the field, he dreams to be a regular at the paddock when the lights go out. A Red Bull fan and F1 fan in general over the years, he enjoyed watching Felipe Massa, Sebastian Vettel, and Max Verstappen dominate the track. Apart from F1, he's also a big-time Madridista and Federer fanatic. He was a sub-junior level footballer, won inter-district quizzes and debate competitions back in school. A travel freak throughout, he tries different cuisines and learns new cultures whenever he's away from the keyboard.

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