Fall Guys Hackers & Cheaters : How to Report Hackers in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Gautham Balaji
|Published 16/08/2020

Fall Guys Hackers & cheaters: How to report hackers in Fall Guys. Read this article to find out how to detect and report people who are cheating or using hacks while playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The latest MOBA game from Mediatonic, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has swept the gaming world by a storm. It has had over 2 million downloads on Steam. Merely a week after its launch, Fall Guys has already soared through Steam and is the most downloaded game globally.

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Fall Guys has also come down on cheaters recently. Cheating is a major issue plaguing a lot of online games. Hackers and Cheaters are very popular in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, to see someone cheating in an entertaining MOBA is disgusting. Fall Guys is currently working on a method which will restrict or ban players who are hacking or using unfair means to gain benefits.

How to report hackers in Fall Guys?

On August 11th, the Fall Guys twitter handle put out a tweet stating the importance of eliminating hackers.

They have urged players to report every individual instance of hacking so that such people will be banned.

They also updated their detection tuning, and have confirmed that they are seeing a drop in the number of cheating instances.

Check out the Tweet:

If you encounter any such instance of cheating or hacks in Fall Guys, report them immediately to the Support team at Fall Guys.

Videos of Fall Guys Hackers

Moonmoon finds a cheater in his first time playing Fall Guys from r/LivestreamFail

Another Fall Guys cheater fumbles their lead from r/LivestreamFail

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