Fantasy Premier League Scout: Analysing the 10 Best Forwards and whom you should pick

Samarth Karan
|Published September 05, 2017

Ahead of the Gameweek 4 in the Premier League, we take a look at the Top 10 strikers in the Fantasy Premier League on the basis of the % of teams selected by. Their current form, their fixtures in September (Gameweeks 4,5,6,7), and other factors are crucial to their selection in your team.

Forwards earn you the most points. They play a deciding role in your positions in your fantasy leagues. Here’s a comprehensive analysis about them, where in I deep dive into their style of play, their upcoming fixtures and their statistical history to help you get a better picture about whom to pick(and whom not to).

Romelu Lukaku:

Appearances: 3(0)

Goals: 3

Assists: 0

Points (Bonus):19(3)

Opponents in September: Stoke (A), Everton (H), Southampton (A), Crystal Palace (H)

Price: 11.7m

The Belgian Beast is in top form! Having scored 3 goals in as many matches for Manchester United, the new summer signing has also scored 4 goals in 2 matches for the National Team in the WC Qualifiers. His headed goal against Greece turned out to be the winner prior to which he scored a hattrick in a 9-0 rout.

With the United Midfield trio of Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Matic running right riot and ample supply from the wings, he will not have any dearth of chances at his disposal.

United have not won at Stoke for 4 years straight. Lukaku has scored 4 goals in 10 appearances against Stoke. He will be looking to score against his team but Wayne Rooney’s possible return to Old Trafford will be the highlight of the Gameweek. Against Southampton, he has been involved in 8 goals in 8 Matches (5 goals and 3 assists), whereas he has 4 goals in 8 matches against Crystal Palace.

Verdict: IN(on the basis of his form and fixtures)


Appearances: 3

Goals: 2

Assists: 0

Points (Bonus):16 (3)

Opponents in September: Huddersfield (H), West Brom (A), Spurs (H), Swansea (H)


Chicharito has one of the best goals/minutes ratio in the Premier League. He scored a brace in West Ham’s 3-2 loss to Southampton but has been wanting for chances in the final third. West Ham have lost all the three matches and each coming fixture looks like a difficult one for them. With an average influence in the game in the last outing, Chicharito will be looking to increase his goal tally against newly promoted Huddersfield, West Brom and Swansea.

Verdict: Out – Better options available


Appearances: 3



Points (Bonus):26(6)

Opponents in September: Man City (A), Burnley (H), Leicester (A), Newcastle (A)


Liverpool probably has the best attack in the Premier League with Firmino, Mane and Salah. Frankly speaking, each is as likely to score as the other. With Firmino’s price, his prowess and his ability to play as a false 9, he is a dream for fantasy players. He can cut inside, do layoffs and loves to dribble.

Liverpool’s Achilles Heel has been the ‘smaller teams’. They have haunted them time and again, pulling them back whenever they have looked likely to run away from the pack. With matches against Burnley, Leicester and Newcastle, one cannot be blamed if he or she has clouds of doubt. Liverpool also have a tough UCL fixture away to Sevilla and play Leicester twice in 4 days in the Carabao Cup as well. Difficult spell of fixtures in my opinion.

With Coutinho staying, can we fancy some Brazilian Samba this month?

Verdict: IN (on the basis of the form and price)

Harry Kane


Goals: 0


Points (Bonus):4 (0)

Opponents in September:Everton (A), Swansea (H), West Ham (A), Huddersfield (A)


Harry Kane has never scored in August. But, it is September and he has already scored a brace for the Three Lions in the WC Qualifiers. Maybe the curse is real, but he will have his mojo back? With 3 out of 4 fixtures being relatively easy for Spurs, and Kane saying that he is feeling sharp, there are bound to be goals. Goals galore? Only time will tell.

Harry Kane averages 5.3 shots per game from inside the box, the most for any forward, but has had no luck so far. He is on Penalty duties as well.

He has scored 3 goals in 8 games in the month of September. Kane is known to be a slow starter to the Premier League. Will he continue the trend or go all guns blazing in this season?

Verdict: A doubtful case. He might score considering the fixtures, but the price is too steep. Keep him if you have him, wait for a game to buy him.

Wayne Rooney




Points (Bonus):18(6)

Opponents in September:Spurs (H), Man United (A), Bournemouth (H), Burnley (H)


Wayne Rooney scored a goal each in the first 2 Gameweeks and became only the second player in Premier League History to score 200 goals. The legend that he is, has two difficult fixtures in September. He will return to Old Trafford on 17th September and the fairy-tale return is possible.

But, apart from the goals, Wayne Rooney is not what he used to be. He scores low on the Threat index and went missing in the Chelsea game, although the entire team went AWOL. He can be good in patches, will be on penalty duties, and with his price tag you might be tempted to buy him.

Verdict: Out on the basis of his form and overall influence to the game

Alexandre Lacazette




Points (Bonus):9(0)

Opponents in September:Bournemouth (H), Chelsea (A), West Brom (H), Brighton (H)


Lacazette announced himself in the English Top Flight with a bang! He scored inside 2 minutes with his second touch, first being the kick-off.

After a dismal Arsenal performance in the last 2 outings, all eyes are set on them to come back in their next match against Bournemouth at The Emirates. Wenger was rightly criticized on benching his star signing against Liverpool. Fans must be excited to see him and Sanchez link up with master playmaker, Ozil in the next match.

Lacazette played 30 minutes for France in their home draw against Luxembourg. With just Chelsea away a difficult fixture in next 4 Gameweeks, the Frenchman should be licking his lips and honing his shooting skills to prove everybody that he is here to stay.

Verdict: Out- with Lukaku and Firmino in, and Morata already high in the points column, Lacazette is a tough choice.

 Álvaro Morata

Appearances: 2(1)

Goals: 2

Assists: 2

Points (Bonus):24(5)

Opponents in September: Leicester (A), Arsenal (H), Stoke (A), Man City (H)


A big, big month for the defending champions! 4 relatively difficult games in the next 4 gameweeks along with Champions League and Carabao Cup matches, that’s something to consider. It is highly possible that with Costa not included in the Champions League squad, Morata will be rested with Costa starting instead.

Morata has been involved in all goals scored by Chelsea this season, with 2 goals and 2 assists. He is looking lively and electric, making runs, creating chances and menace. With Spain, he has scored a goal in the WC Qualifiers. Looks a good buy with a slightly lower price tag than Lukaku, Kane and Aguero, but only if he starts. Do keep a check on that.

Verdict: IN (but remember the Costa angle to the equation)

Jamie Vardy


Goals: 2

Assists: 0

Points (Bonus):17(3)

Opponents in September: Chelsea (H), Huddersfield (A), Liverpool (H), Bournemouth (A)

Price: 8.6m

Jamie Vardy averaged 7.0 points per match after the appointment of Craig Shakespeare, producing eight goals and five assists in 13 appearances in the last season. He gave Arsenal fans a mini heart attack with a brace in the opening Gameweek at the Emirates.

He has 2 difficult fixtures in Chelsea and Liverpool. Huddersfield have not conceded this season and the betting odds are in their favour. Vardy has also fallen down the pecking order in the English National Team and is running hot and cold. It will be a surprise if he remains in this position in the % of teams selected by chart.

Verdict: Out due to better and more in-form options

 Sergio Aguero


Goals: 1

Assists: 0          

Points (Bonus):12(3)

Opponents in September: Liverpool (H), Watford (A), Crystal Palace (H), Chelsea (A)

Price: 11.5m

Will he start or will he warm the bench? Sergio Aguero scored a goal in the opening gameweek, had a good run in the second gameweek, but was on the bench in the third gameweek. He was also an unused substitute in Argentina’s WC Qualifier against Uruguay which was a goalless draw.

He is direct, strong, cool-headed, a bull of a striker! His Premier League record is exemplary. He will be on penalty duties as well. With 2 difficult games out of 4, a high price tag and the uncertainty of him starting, is Aguero worth the buy? With the limited time that he has had on the field, he hasn’t really made a case for himself as his poor stats stand out.

Verdict: Out- Price is too steep for an uncertain starter. Might start in UCL but doubtful in PL

Gabriel Jesus

Appearances: 3



Points (Bonus): 11(3)

Opponents in September: Liverpool (H), Watford (A), Crystal Palace (H), Chelsea (A)

Price: 10.4m

Jesus is talented, skilled and Pep’s favoured striker. He Is young and has that famous Brazilian flair. Jesus averages 0.7 shots in the 6-yard box in the first 3 games, which shows that he has the hunger to drive in and score. The Brazilian averages 1 shot on goal per match and has had a goal denied by the woodwork. With stiff competition from Aguero, the 20-year-old is doing good for himself in the eyes of Pep Guardiola. He will get his time and his goals. A promising talent to look out for. With UCL and Carabao Cup fixtures this month, can he cement his place at the expense of Sergio Agüero?

Verdict: In/Out. Keep him if you have him, don’t need to waste a transfer on him.

Special Mention:

Steve Mounie

Appearances: 3



Points (Bonus): 15 (3)

Opponents in September: West Ham (A), Leicester (H), Burnley (A), Spurs (H)

Price: 6.1m

Steve Mounie scored a brace in Huddersfield’s 3-0 win over Crystal Palace. He averages 2.3 shots per game from inside the penalty area. Huddersfield United have not conceded in the first 3 games and look solid at the back.

A look at the next 4 fixtures and you find 3 comparatively easy fixtures. Pundits have hailed Mounie as a talent to look out for and September fixtures just might be what the doctor ordered for him.

Final Say

Case 1: Playing with 1 Forward

Romelu Lukaku is the pick of the forwards right now. With the amount of service he is getting, his form in the Pl and the WC Qualifiers, he should be your first buy.

Case 2: Playing with 2 Forwards

Lukaku and Morata are the best options if you want to buy two high priced forwards. If you want to play an expensive forward with an average price forward, Firmino is a good option with 8.6m

Case 3:Playing with 3 forward

You should go ahead with an expensive forward, an average priced forward and a cheap forward. Hence, Lukaku/Morata, Firmino and Mounie would be ideal.

Note: I have taken 10m+ as expensive, 7-10m as average priced and less than 7 as cheap.

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