Five Compelling Reasons to watch English Premier League

Sivaramakrishnan S
|Published September 01, 2016

With the summer transfer window officially closed, English Premier League will be back to business next week. Will the millions spent on the likes of Pogba, Luiz, Perez etc. be productive? Only time can reveal the answers. Here we have put together 5 compelling reasons to watch English Premier League. What makes these reasons unique? A majority of them weren’t there in the last season. Read on..

Battle of Managers

jose-mourinho-pep-guardiola (1)

The English Premier League this season will be a battle of top managers of the world. The list of managers in the league includes Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, Arsene Wenger etc. While these are the managers with excellent resumes, there is also a list of efficient managers that includes Claudio Ranieri, David Moyes, Mauricio Pochettino etc.

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As a result, most of the games will involve a managerial battle off the field, along with the players fighting out on the field.

Top players adding flavour

Ibrahimovic scored on debut

A battalion of top players has been added to the existing ones in PL. A few of the exciting players who have joined from other leagues in this summer transfer window include Zlatan, Pogba, David Luiz, Gundogan, Nolito, Xhaka etc. These are some of the big talents and cult players in the world of football at the moment, and their addition has added a good flavour to the Premier League.

Battle of more than 2 teams

Leicester City ChampionsIn La Liga, Bundesliga etc. it has always been a maximum of 2 or 3 clubs that compete for the title and the winner becomes evident within March. However, English Premier League is way more competitive than other leagues of the world. Last season was a classic example of this, with Leicester City FC going all the way to lift the trophy. Every season, PL has its quota of upsets and every game is itself an interesting battle of 2 teams. Until the very end of season, the league has the ability to throw up surprises. This keeps the spectators stuck to their TV sets until May every year.

Richest and most exciting league in the world

Arsenal FanbaseEPL is arguably the best football league in the world. It has all kinds of football that varies from the Arsenal’s way of ground passing to the Stoke’s way of aerial passing. Physicality is an important aspect of the game that pushes players to the extreme in terms of fitness. The games are fast and are never short of entertainment.

Moreover, it is the most followed league in the world and has a worldwide fan base for more than a handful of clubs. It is for this reason, the TV and sponsorship deals are valued much higher than other leagues of the world.

Best TV Coverage

Hazard EPLCompared to the other leagues in the world, English Premier League can boast of excellent coverage. In addition to the previous reasons, the main reason has been the English language that has aided such worldwide coverage and following. The gameplay is faster and commentary is better. The timing of EPL is also much more convenient for most fans of the world.

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