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Five Reasons Why Thierry Henry Coming To India Is HUGE !

Siddharth Nair

Thierry Henry coming to India is massive news for football fans all over the country!

Thierry Henry

Yes, you heard that right. The legendary French striker will be gracing the Atletico de Kolkata vs Mumbai City FC at the Salt Lake Stadium on October 25th.

He will be part of a promotional event for PUMA in Kolkata after which he will be travelling to Mumbai where he will hold a session with the youth team of the Mumbai City FC. (Thierry Henry coming to India )

Here are five reasons why Henry coming to India is fantastic news for Indian football !

5) Much Needed Publicity !

summary of performances of all the ISL clubs


This edition of the ISL has been pretty much a damp squib up till now.

The hype and excitement that the fist two seasons generated has not been matched in this edition which has worried the organizers.

Henry’s arrival will provide a significant boost to the ISL event as the eyes of the world media will fixate on the event. (Thierry Henry coming to India )

4) Indian Football Fans !

Arsenal's very own Thierry Henry
Arsenal’s very own Thierry Henry

The Premier Futsal League provided the Indian public the chance to see some of the greatest football stars live in action.

Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Ronaldinho to name a few, gave us some memorable moments but it was the chance to see our childhood idols that got the public excited.

Now with Henry coming to India you can bet all the Arsenal fans would be dying to get a glimpse of the greatest player to have ever graced their beloved club.

3) Increasing the Arsenal influence in India !

Arsenal Fanbase

Robert Pires, Freddie Lungberg and Nicolas Anelka have all played in the ISL. You know what is common among them? Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has often talked about how he would love to come to India and work towards improving the footballing culture in the country.

And now with Thieryy Henry coming to town, you can bet that the Arsenal fan following in India is only going to increase in size. (Thierry Henry coming to India )

2) India as a Footballing Destination !


India’s profile as a football destination has been increasing in the past few years.

With the FIFA Under-17 World Cup being held in India, the profile is only going to increase. The likes of Drogba and of course Lionel Messi have played in India over the last few years and have spoken fondly about their time spent here.

With the ISL and now the Premier Futsal League now attracting some global stars, India is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in world football.

1) The Indian Youth !


Henry will be conducting a session for youngsters in Mumbai after his visit to Kolkata.

That is a once in a lifetime chance for those youngsters to meet one of the greatest goal scorers in the history of the game ! (Thierry Henry coming to India )

The chance to learn some tricks from the best is something that they should always treasure. Hopefully Henry will inspire someone who will then go on to break his goal scoring record at Arsenal !

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