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The funniest collection of #WengerOut Tweets that broke the internet !

Siddharth Nair

Arsene Wenger is in trouble. In big big trouble. It is not just his job that is in serious trouble at the moment. Wenger is perilously close to damaging his legendary status at a club where he has spent the last 21 years in charge. Arsenal as a club has become a laughing stock while #WengerOut tweets are getting funnier by the day.

#WengerOut was a movement started by a few Arsenal fans who grew tired of Wenger’s insistence that the team was alright when in reality it was far from alright. Wenger claims that he can still guide Arsenal to the league title which is something that no one can believe anymore.

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Angry Arsenal fans have brought #WengerOut banners to matches as a way of protesting against the manager and the board who are equally culpable. This has led to some really amusing things which have popped up on the internet.

Here are some of The funniest collection of #WengerOut Tweets that broke the internet

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