Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions for March 14, 2023: Complete Season 4 Week 3 rewards

Danyal Arabi
|Published 14/03/2023

Battlefield 2042 is well into its fourth season, giving players a chance to try out the new specialist. This week, a fresh set of missions and rewards have been added to help players level up their battle pass. Free for All of Ages and 2042 Rush XL are among the featured experiences for the week. A brand new store bundle named ‘Synthwave’ has also been added to the game. Here’s everything new this week.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Week 3 missions and rewards

Tier 1: 

  • 3 Objectives Captured or Neutralized (4 Battle Pass Points)
  • 8 Kills and Assists (4 Battle Pass Points)
  • 10 Teammates Revived, Resupplied, or Healed (4 Battle Pass Points)

Tier 2 (Available after completing two missions)

  • 15 Kills While Playing as Assault (5 Battle Pass Points)
  • 20 Kills and Revives (5 Battle Pass Points)
  • 6 Combat and Objective Ribbons Earned (5 Battle Pass Points)

Tier 3 (Available after completing four missions):

  • 10 Melee Kills and Kills With Throwing Knives (6 Battle Pass Points)
  • 1000 Damage Inflicted With C5, M18 Claymore or SPH Explosive Launcher (6 Battle Pass Points)
  • 40 Headshot Kills (6 Battle Pass Points)

Bonus Mission (Available after completing five missions):

  • 15 Kills and Assists With Assault Rifles (10 Battle Pass Points)

Featured Experiences:

  • 2042 Rush XL (64v64 on PC, PS5 & XBX|S and 32v32 on PS4 & XB1)
  • Free for All of Ages (All eras, 24 players)

New Store Bundle:

  • Synthwave (6 Items, 1000 Battlefield Coins)
    • “Death Knell” AC-42 Weapon Skin (Epic)
    • “Retrokill” MCS-880 Weapon Skin (Epic)
    • “Warlock” SU-57 Felon Vehicle Skin (Epic)
    • “Chromatic” M5C Bolte Vehicle Skin (Epic)
    • “Neon Palms” M5A3 Weapon Charm (Epic)
    • “Analogue” Crawford Specialist Set (Epic)

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