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Fans Appear Unhappy With the Direction Fortnite has been Heading Towards Lately

Ripan Majumdar

Fortnite Myths and Mortals

Fortnite never fails to bring in new content to keep fans hooked to the game. However, the latest update has transformed the 2017-released Battle Royale into a completely different game. The new Myths & Mortals update brought Mount Olympus to Fortnite with gods and legends from the Greek pantheon.

Fans can now access many new skins based on Greek gods and legends. However, it would be underwhelming to use guns and pickaxes while wearing skins inspired by Greek mythology. So, Epic Games brought in mythological weapons like the Thunderbolt of Zeus that players can throw at others. Hence, the gameplay changed from that of a battle royale to more like a fantasy RPG.

Along with the Thunderbolt of Zeus, Fortnite now has Wings of Icarus, which acts as a glider and allows players to soar across the sky. Hence, using both wings and lightning together while wearing a Greek god’s skin definitely makes the gameplay appear straight out of an action RPG. On top of it, Fortnite has the Kratos skin, and since Zeus is new in the game, fans are recreating scenes from God of War titles.

Fans are unimpressed with the new Fortnite skin

Epic Games might have thought fans would love a little mythology action, but that hasn’t been the case. Everyone who tried the new update claimed Fortnite doesn’t feel like the Battle Royale they played and loved. Even renowned streamers and content creators like KSI, MOTOR, and Corn claimed the game wasn’t Fortnite anymore.

Most fans don’t seem to have problems with the skins, as many could be seen complementing them. However, the new gameplay as well as mythological locations like Mount Olympus, Grim Gate, and the Underworld are ruining the experience.

It will be interesting to see how Epic Games reacts to this criticism. Will they do something to solve it or will they ignore it and give Fortnite another complete makeover?

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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