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“I call dibs”: MrBeast reacts to Twitter getting a new CEO

Aaryanshi Mohan

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, in a tweet, said he has found a new CEO for the platform and she will be joining in six weeks. MrBeast, whose Twitter bio reads “Super official CEO of Twitter” had a rather befitting response. Here is what he said. 

MrBeast has been vocal about wanting to become the CEO of Twitter. The last few times Musk has talked about hiring a new CEO, MrBeast was prompt to ask if he could have the micro-blogging website. Musk has always acknowledged it.

Now, it should be noted that MrBeast had been extremely vocal about the kind of changes Musk was making to the platform. He was also critical of the time when Musk changed the policy about cross-platform promotion of content. Besides this, he has also talked about the things he would change if he became the CEO.

Super official CEO of Twitter called dibs on the platform. Let us have a look at how the interaction between the king of content and the Twitter boss unfolded.

MrBeast calls dibs on Twitter if the new CEO goes out

In a tweet revealing plans for the future of the micro-blogging platform, Elon Musk said he would step down from the post of CEO. He also mentioned that he has found a replacement and she will start in six weeks. In addition to this, he also talked about the role he would be taking up on the platform. He said:

“My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops.”

Here is what the SpaceX and Twitter/X boss announced to his 139.4 million followers.

Taking his chance, MrBeast tweeted out to him saying that he is still winning to become the CEO if the new CEO “doesn’t work out.” The new CEO is set to join the platform in six weeks. MrBeast has proven his merit time and again in the management skills he has. The kind of large-scale videos he produces for his audience on YouTube is testimony of his hard work.

The next section of this article will tell you who the new CEO is.

Who is the new CEO of Twitter?

Credits: Forbes

In a tweet welcoming Linda Yaccarino, Musk announced she would be the new CEO of the platform. His tweet showed a lot of enthusiasm and said he was looking forward to working with her to make the platform an everything place. He said:

“I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter! @LindaYacc will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design & new technology. Looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app.”

Yaccarino is Twitter’s first female CEO, and also the first CEO to come from a non-technical background. Yaccarino’s previous stint was with  NBCUniversal, where she worked for over 20 years. She would be leaving NBCUniversal as the global advertising and partnerships business.

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