ISO Valorant Guide: How to Use Valorant’s Newest Duelist

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published November 06, 2023

ISO was released with the most recent 7.09 patch in Valorant. Despite the character’s visual appeal and design, his gameplay and in-game usage are a bit underwhelming. He is one of those niche characters who can only fit into a certain role and objective in the game.

This guide will look at everything you need to know about ISO in the game and how you can use him on both attack and defense.


  • ISO Valorant Guide: Tips, Tricks, Abilities and Strategies
  • ISO Abilities
  • Attacker Side Strategies
  • Defensive Side Strategies
  • ISO Tips and Tricks in Valorant

ISO Valorant Guide: Tips, Tricks, Abilities and Strategies

ISO is a very situational Agent in Valorant and does not properly fulfill the role of a Duelist. A Duelist can effectively take space and gunfights without necessarily being punished for overextension. ISO has many tools which are useful for killing enemies but his survivability can be put into question, especially in comparison with his fellow Duelists.

Yet, that does not mean he is unusable in Riot’s competitive FPS. He has certain uses that help in scenarios where you need to displace enemies or eliminate them entirely off the map. However, he is not a self-sufficient Duelist like Jett or Yoru who do not rely on their team to win fights most of the time. Getting a thorough look at his abilities can players help understand him better. Let us take a look at them, shall we?

ISO Abilities

An in-game image of ISO in Valorant
(Image via Riot Games)

Q: Undercut

Undercut is a really useful tool if you know the location of an enemy. With this ability, ISO sends out a projectile called the “Molecular Bolt” which applies the “Fragile” debuff on the enemy. It works similarly to the “Vulnerable” debuff in the game and doubles the damage taken for a while. This projectile can penetrate through walls and applies to both enemies and allies so be careful whenever using it.

ISO has two charges of this ability. Think of it as an Omen blind but with a smaller AoE and it applies vulnerable instead of blinding them.

E: Double Tap

Double Tap can be a really overpowered ability if you know how to use it right. Once you “proc” the ability, it starts a timer. During that timer, if you get a kill, it generates an energy orb. If you shoot that energy orb, it generates a shield around ISO that can absorb one instance of damage. Keep in mind, the nature of the damage does not matter so he can absorb everything from a Raze Ultimate to a Vandal headshot.

This ability combined with Undercut and Contingency can really help ISO take up space on a site. During the flow state, if you get another kill and shoot the energy orb above an enemy, the ability’s timer recharges. ISO has two charges for this ability.

C: Contingency

Think of this as an uncontrollable Harbor Wall, except it blocks bullets. Contingency has a really small width in comparison to the Harbor Cascades but it can stop you from getting damaged which helps when you are pushing any site. You get only a single charge for this ability so we recommend that you use it wisely because it can help immensely.

X: Kill Contract

The Ultimate that has gotten everyone talking, the Kill Contract is essentially a 1v1 against an opponent caught in the line of fire of the ability. It requires seven Ultimate points to activate. ISO sends out a beam of concentrated prismatic energy in a straight line. Anyone caught in it gets taken to an alternate dimension. It is worth noting that if multiple enemies are in the line, it takes the first enemy caught in the Ultimate.

ISO then has to face the enemy in a 1v1. The whole Ultimate lasts for 50 seconds. In addition, ISO is hidden behind three barriers before the start while the opponent only has one, giving ISO an advantage. The two Agents stuck in the Ultimate cannot use any abilities while in there. In addition, you spawn back where you were taken from when using the ability.

Attacker Side Strategies

Now, this agent is the deadliest on the attacking side. With the right assistance, he can clear out an entire site without dying. Moreover, if helped with a double Initiator composition, ISO can take the site with a combination of all his abilities. You just need Initiators that flash and get information at the same time so a Sova and Skye combination is the most ideal for him to enter the site.

That said, if you are a solo player, there are lots of things you can do to secure the round. Start off with Double Tap, proc it so the timer starts and then send out the Undercut ability through common angles so that the enemies are vulnerable to your fire. We also recommend using the Contingency to block certain common angles first before rushing onto the site.

ISO’s lethality is fully utilized when abilities are combined together to get maximum effectiveness. In a post-plant scenario, these same pieces of utility can be used to delay site retakes. The Ultimate is a great tool for stalling enemies or enemies, especially if they are in a 1v1 scenario. Keep in mind, that the Ultimate is a great weapon to isolate enemy Agents that can slow your progress. For example, a Viper who is inside the Viper’s Pit should be an ideal target.

All in all, ISO’s greatest tool is his quickness to activate and combo utility together. His quickness can be used to displace enemies while empowering him to keep pushing for more while the team sets up post plants on site.

Defensive Side Strategies

ISO on defense can shine if you can pair him with a stable Sentinel that can hold a site while he takes an aggressive stance. ISO’s role on defense is similar to any Duelist that you see in play. The objective is to delay, stop, and reduce enemy numbers without putting the team in peril. However, that can be hard to accomplish if you are alone on a site. That is why, he is best paired with another Agent, especially one who can assist him.

Taking aggressive off angles and using Double Tap and Undercut before taking fights is crucial to ISO’s success. However, if you are in a retake scenario, Contingency is crucial to letting your team quickly take space on a site without getting punished for it. In addition, if the enemy numbers are less, you can dwindle it further by using your Ultimate and trapping an enemy for a brief duration with you. This can help immensely while your team retakes the site.

In addition, it can help you eliminate the Agents which use post-plant utility so that they do not delay the bomb defuse. ISO’s greatest quality in Valorant is the ability to single out enemies in certain scenarios so that they are away from their team and systematically eliminate targets one by one. The lethality of his ability increases even more if the player picking him as more than decent aim.

That being said, you have to always experiment with an Agent like this and come up with new ways to catch enemies by surprise. Otherwise, the enemies can always predict what you are going to do.

ISO Tips and Tricks in Valorant

Now, let us move on to the tips and tricks section of this piece. ISO has some cool utility combinations that can help you take up space. Combined with other Agent abilities you can systematically rip apart enemies without even shooting them.

Let us take a look at some tips and tricks you can try out with ISO in Valorant.

  • You don’t need to buy the second charge for Double Tap on the pistol round. Since Double Tap refreshes if you get more kills, you can invest those credits into the other abilities which can help you get those kills or take space. Therefore, we recommend buying only a single charge, at least during the pistol.
    • If you are buying a pistol, then we recommend purchasing one Undercut and a weapon of your choice. If you are comfortable with the Classic, then two charges of Undercut and light shields are a really good purchase.
  • Combine Undercut with Eco weapons such as the Judge or the Marshall for maximum effectiveness during a round. If you are on an eco and want to damage the enemies or win the round, combo the Undercut with a Judge to destroy enemies.
  • Be in a safe spot when you use the ISO Ultimate. Think of it like a Phoenix Ultimate, when you are done you spawn back in the same spot as you Ulted from. This can be dangerous if you are using it wherever you are in the midst of enemy territory.
  • Use the Undercut ability in combination with Lineups during post-plant for maximum lethality if the enemy is defusing. This can kill enemies really quickly and since the debuff lasts for a while it can delay the defuse as well.

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