Valorant Counter Strafe: Complete Guide that Will Make You Win More Gunfights

Adnan Juzar Kachwala
|Published September 18, 2023

Valorant is a game in which having a good counter strafe is really important. However, if you cannot practice and execute it properly, it will ruin your aim. This guide will look at everything you know about the mechanic.

Valorant is a team game, where teamplay and tactics are more important than individual skills. However, if you are a beginner, learning to counter-strafe is a pretty good start since no matter how good you are at communicating with your team, if you cannot carry your own weight, you will lose regardless. That is why, learning basics like counter strafing is important in Valorant, let alone any FPS game.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Counter strafing in the game. In addition, we will look at the opposite end of the spectrum and question why counter-strafing may not be for everyone. Let’s get started.


  • Valorant Counter Strafe Guide: Everything You Need to Know
  • What is Counter Strafing in Valorant
  • How to Counter Strafe: Step-by-Step Guide
  • Tips to Practice Counter Strafing in Range
  • Why Some Players Should Not Counter Strafe

Valorant Counter Strafe Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Counter strafing is one of the most popular mechanics in FPS games and for good reason. They can not only help in dodging bullets but are a great help when it comes to practicing target tracking, especially in Valorant. It is a technique that professional players often use in their gunfights to avoid enemy fire.

However, they have advanced level tracking and movement which might be difficult for new players to pick up. That is why, it is a good idea to practice these mechanics in the Training Range first. Firstly, we will look at what counter-strafing is, then we will dive into how you can do it. We will also look at some tips for practicing it in Range and justify why some players will have difficulty using this mechanic.

What is Counter Strafing in Valorant

Counter strafing is a technique that helps in recentering your accuracy after moving too fast in one direction. This technique can help you in jiggle peeking. The most commonly used movement in counter-strafing is side to side. You might have seen players go left to right and right to left while firing bursts of bullets in between their movements. That is essentially counter-strafing.

There are two phases of the mechanic. One is the movement itself and the other is the burst fires in between. Those burst fires, when timed right, can instantly kill an enemy if you have a one-shot weapon like the Vandal. However, it is difficult to pull off due to multiple factors.

One is because you will have to track their heads through your movement and theirs, the second is that you will have to time it properly so that your bullets don’t miss and the third is that if you do miss, the opponent can kill you instantly. The side-to-side movement is so that the opponents do not instantly kill you, moving still in most cases makes you an easy target to kill. That being said, let us see how you can counter-strafe in the game as well.

How to Counter Strafe: Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a complete beginner, one thing that will help you out a lot in learning to counter-strafe is turning on a function in settings called “Movement Error.” It will expand your outer crosshair and make it bigger every time you move fast toward a direction. When it is at its original size, your accuracy will be highest, that is when you take your shot. Let us see how you can counter-strafe without movement error.

  • Start by moving side to side in Range. Practicing this is going to be the first step in the game. Learn it from the video above as shown by professional player, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo.
  • Now, to properly counter-strafe, when you move to a certain side, press the opposite key instantly. For example, if you are holding down the A Key to go to the left, press D instantly to stop. The completes the counter strafe. When you stop by pressing the D Key, shoot.
  • The timing and the quickness is the hardest part to master in counter-strafing. While you are moving side to side, ensure that you have your crosshair on the enemy’s head. This will ensure that your first bullet is on target after stopping.

Now that you know how to counter strafe, let us look at some tips for the same.

Tips to Practice Counter Strafing in Range

Here are four of the best tips to learn and master the counter strafe in the Range in Valorant.

  • Learn the movement first: The movement is the most important part of the mechanic. If you can create a rhythm with your A and D Keys, you can focus on improving your aim.
  • Practice Target Tracking: Select a Bot to track in Range, then hold the A or D key while keeping your crosshair on the head of the Bot the whole time you are moving. Do this repeatedly to improve your tracking skills.
  • Shoot one bullet on target after completing the first part of the strafe: Repeat this with the second part of the strafe. Make it a challenge so that you can only use one bullet to finish the enemy.
  • Reduce the distance of your strafes: During the beginning, it is alright if your strafes are longer. Over time, if you reduce the distance, you will make it difficult for enemies to track and kill you because you will be constantly moving.

Why Some Players Should Not Counter Strafe

An image of a Valorant Poster
(Image via Riot Games)

If counter-strafing has pros, then without a doubt it has cons as well. It has received a lot of criticism from professional players due to its inconsistency in the game. Some people find it hard to learn the mechanic while others criticize its use in games. The truth is, that the mechanic is not useful in EVERY scenario. That is why, it should be used sparingly. For example, if you are in cover, you do not need to venture out and counter strafe to kill an enemy, you can do the same thing while jiggle peeking.

Good counter strafers know when to use the mechanic which makes them better than most players out there. Be situationally aware and ensure that you only use it when you know it is the right time. That is everything you need to know about counter-strafing in the game. For more Valorant guides and content, click here and stay tuned to The SportsRush.

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