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Rockstar Games celebrates GTA Online community smashing GTA$100B goal in The Doomsday Scenario Challenge with a special in-game car livery for every player

Ripan Majumdar

GTA Online Pegassi Zentorno

Despite the hype around the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, fans still enjoy playing the decade-old GTA V, especially the Online mode. Recently, the player community completed an in-game challenge. So, Rockstar Games is celebrating this amazing moment with a special reward.

Rockstar Games had the GTA Online community stand together against a great threat in the Conquer Act III of The Doomsday Heist, The Doomsday Scenario. They challenged the players to finish this challenge to grab a cumulative take of over GTA$100,000,000,000 by November 22.

If the American developers had any doubts about the GTA Online community, they all would be over. The community managed to accomplish the GTA$100 billion goal in the Doomsday Scenario. Moreover, they exceeded the limit by GTA$50,000,000,000.

To commemorate the Online community’s grand achievement, Rockstar Games would keep their word and release a new special livery for the Pegassi Zentorno. This reward is not only for those who participated in the challenge, but every Online player will receive it in the next update. Moreover, Rockstar Games hasn’t yet revealed what this special livery looks like. So, fans would have to wait for the next update.

With GTA 6 well on the way, Rockstar Games gives back to the GTA Online community

It is still hard to believe that it has been over a decade since GTA Online first came out in 2013. Despite the fans have been eagerly waiting for GTA 6, no one stopped playing this 2013-released title. This may have been only possible because of everything Rockstar has to offer the fans.

Many games shut down in a decade, as they can’t keep releasing new content. But Rockstar never ran into such problems with GTA Online. In these past decades, American developers kept coming up with new content and rewards for the fans to stay hooked to the games.

GTA Online
GTA Online (Image by Rockstar Games)

But what possibly might have made it possible was the microtransactions. Rockstar Games might have invested their profits from sales and other microtransactions into the game’s development, coming up with new projects for the Online community to enjoy.

Seeing how things worked out with GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto V, the American developers might also add it to the upcoming title. If they do so, it would be interesting to see whether GTA 6 also has the same longevity as its predecessor.

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