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Fans Left Disappointed After GTA 5’s Source Code Reveals How Rockstar Chose to Cancel Several Projects Just to Milk GTA Online

Ripan Majumdar

GTA Online

The complete source code of Grand Theft Auto V, better known as GTA 5, has recently been leaked on the internet. This new leak has revealed years of data about this 2013-released title. However, fans were left disappointed after the leaks revealed Rockstar Games had canceled several projects to milk GTA Online.

Even after a decade since its release, what kept GTA Online active was Rockstar Games continuously releasing new content. The multiplayer mode has been like a gold mine for the American studio, as they could sell premium content throughout the year. Over the past decade, many fans have spent real-life money to buy Shark Cards and the game’s Premium Edition. The latter costs more than the regular edition, but fans bought it for the various GTA Online rewards.

The most recent GTA 5 source code leak revealed Rockstar Games’ alleged money-mindedness. The studio canceled projects like Bully 2, GTA Tokyo, and 8-story mode DLCs for the 2013-released action-adventure title. Naturally, fans are disappointed about being unable to play so many exciting projects because developers prioritize profits over fan satisfaction. One fan claimed the canceled DLCs would have been better than GTA Online updates.

As for the complete GTA 5 source code leak, the American game developers are yet to make an official announcement. This crucial information was stolen in September of last year when Rockstar Games got hacked, and a lot of GTA 6-related data got leaked online.

What did Rockstar cancel for GTA Online?

Rockstar Games canceled the much-awaited Bully 2 to focus more on GTA Online. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this game for a long time. Their dreams might have come true, but the American studios scrapped those plans. Still, fans need not get disheartened as there are reports about Rockstar resuming the project post-GTA 6.

The New York-based developers also canceled 8-story mode content for GTA 5. These DLCs would have taken players to the iconic Liberty City and a time before the main story’s events. One of the additional content focused on Trevor, who would have assumed the alias “Agent.” There was also a canceled DLC that would have allowed players to run new businesses not currently available in the game. Moreover, the leak even revealed the studio’s plans for a Tokyo-based GTA title.

Unfortunately, fans missed out on so many exciting content because GTA Online was more profitable for Rockstar Games. At the same time, the American developers didn’t release GTA 5’s DLCs, as they thought the main story was complete and required no further expansion.

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