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Valorant Lotus Guide- Know all about conquering this ancient map

Aaryanshi Mohan

Valorant Lotus Guide

Lotus is the ninth addition to Valorant, as far as maps are concerned. It brings players complexity and requires a rather strong presence of mind to win this one. The map brings players a fresh yet challenging experience thanks to its innovative design. This Valorant Lotus guide will help players excel when playing the map.

The sheer size of the map is coupled with unique features like rotating doors, a breakable wall that will make for a new pathway, and a silent drop mechanism capable of catching unsuspecting players off guard.

In addition to that, Lotus has three different Sites. This is similar to the Sites that players can see in Haven. A different approach is applied to the map when playing attackers or defenders.

Here are all the strategies players can implement when playing the Lotus map.


  • Valorant Lotus locations and callout guide
  • About Attacking on Lotus
  • How to attack A Site
      • Where to plant spikes on A Site?
  • How to attack B Site
      • Where to plant Spike on B Site?
  • How to attack C Site
    • Where to plant Spike on C Site?
  • About Defending on Lotus
  • How to defend on A site
      • Ways to retake A Site
  • How to defend on B site
      • Ways to retake B Site
  • How to defend on C site
    • Ways to retake C Site
    • Best Agents to Pick on Lotus
    • Tips to Remember

Valorant Lotus locations and callout guide

Valorant Lotus callouts in the map layout
The map layout of the entire Lotus map (Credits: Riot Games)

It has been a while since Lotus has become a part of the map rotation. However, with three Sites to defend or attack, it can be a little daunting for players. Here is a list of all the places players can use it when giving callouts:

A Site

  • A Lobby
  • A Root
  • A Rubble
  • A Main
  • A Door
  • A Tree
  • A Site
  • A Hut
  • A Drop
  • A Top
  • A Stairs
  • A Link

B Site

  • B Pillar
  • B Main
  • B Site
  • B Upper

C Site

  • C Lobby
  • C Mound
  • C Door
  • C Main
  • C Waterfall
  • C Link
  • C Site
  • C Bend
  • C Hall
  • C Gravel

About Attacking on Lotus

Lotus is known for being a little tricky for attackers since it has a lot of places for entry. It is a little easier for the defenders. However, since the changes were introduced in the last patch, attackers have been finding it easier to move across the map.

How to attack A Site on Lotus map

The easiest way to enter A Site is to use the utilities to push. Players can use the Smokes and enter through them. This usage of the smoke in various places on the Site will ensure that the attackers are safe from there. With those entrances under control, players can push toward the defenders.

One of the agents that could help in the process is Killjoy. She can use her turret to slow down the defenders and then the Duelists can make their way into the Site. Once the players have made it into the Site, the rest of the areas become easier to take. Giving attackers enough places to attack.

Where to Plant the Spike on A Site

Players can use the Default place to plant the Spike in A Site. It will make it easier for attackers to plant and then look out for defenders who come to defuse it after entering the site.

How to attack B Site on Lotus map

With Cypher or Killjoy on a constant watch, players can move to be main from A Site. If players are trying to enter B Site from anywhere but B main they should smoke the back of B and B Top.

After doing this, players have to be cautious about not placing the spike under the stairs. This site is particularly tricky for attackers if they plan the spike there.

While using Killjoy or Cypher, players can use the traps and the turret to slow down the Defenders.

Where to plant the Spike on B Site

The best place to plant the Spike on B Site is the B Site Box Plant area. Players can plant the Spike on the boxes that are situated along the left wall. This will give players the vision to guard the Spike. This place is visible from B Main and is also seen from A Link.

How to attack C Site on Lotus map

This is the easiest area to defend. The attackers can find it tough, so they have to look for a direct path to enter. Players should smoke C Hall and C Waterfall. After that, the C Mound area fights are important after taking control of the entry.

Players also have to keep their senses vigilant for any player who might try to flank from the lower area. This area is covered in water, so players might have to listen closely for any approaching enemies.

Where to plant the Spike on C Site

Players can plant the Spike on the C Site Stairs. This place is an excellent spot as players can see it clearly from the C Mound.

About Defending on Lotus

Since Lotus is mainly considered to be a defender’s map, players might not find it very tricky. It has all the elevations that provide a great defense advantage. However, communication is always going to be key.

How to defend A site

The A Site has two entry points that have a rotating door mechanism. Players will have to keep that in mind and proceed. The utilization of the smokes and Killjoy is essential.

KJ’s turret will expose any enemies to the bot, and they will be damaged. This will help defenders hold the Site for a while.

Ways to retake A Site

The best way to retake the Site is with the help of Killjoy’s ultimate. Her Lockdown will be able to block off an entire area. This will give the defenders time to plan their next move and will compel the attackers to attack from another side.

How to defend B site

There are two access points for B Site– one is B Main and the other one is A Link. When players are defending, they can use Cypher. He can use his Tripwire to guard the access points. A Link entry can be prevented by using smokes that will slow the attackers.

Ways to retake B Site

The easiest way to retake B Site is by using Cypher’s ultimate. He can use the Spycam to reveal the angles the attackers might be at. In addition to that, he will be able to spot the lurkers when the Site doesn’t have anyone guarding it.

How to defend C Site

Defending C Site is the easiest task. Players will have to keep an eye on one entry point. Sage will be able to hold the site with her wall orb and create a wall. This will slow down any enemies that are trying to enter from there.

Ways to retake C Site

Players will have to use Duelists here to retake the Site. With perfect smokes and flashes, players will be able to regain control of C Site.

Best Agents to Pick on Lotus

Valorant agents
Credits: Riot Games

Lotus is a tricky map to play with with nooks and corners and tight areas. Players are suggested to use Agents that have the capability to check corners or establish a defense in tight spots. Here are all the Agents that could work well on this map:


Here is a list of Duelists that players can pick when playing Lotus map.


She will be helpful with the map as she will be able to watch over the C Mound. However, the only drawback is that she will not be able to use her ability to make space on this map because of tight corners as she would have in other maps.


Raze mains can use her explosives for clearing out the corners for lurkers and the halls that are on the map. However, her Blast Packing will not be useful here. What is interesting about the two Agents is that they will be able to get an aerial view of the map with the help of their abilities, unlike some of the other Agents. However, players can switch to other Duelists if they want to play more according to the meta. There are many Duelists who fit well when going through narrow halls and corners.

Another great choice for the map could be Neon. She will be able to work her way around the map with the help of her Relay Bolt. It will be able to check for enemies in spaces where Agents can’t. Another great addition to this list could be Yoru. The Agent could use his Gate Crash ability to figure out any enemies and give intel to the team. However, he could be tricky to play on this map, and players will have to get creative in how they use him.


Here is a list of Initiators that players can pick when playing Lotus map.


Fade can be ab ideal choice for a map like Lotus. Her Prowlers will clear the corners and small angles. After that, Seize can prevent the entry of the enemies from an entry point and would help the players take control of the map early on.

After Fade has initiated the attack, the Duelists can enter the Site and finish the enemies.


Players can play KAY/O when they want to take the fight against a Sentinel. He will be able to overpower the Sentinels in the beginning and after that, FRAG/MENT will help stall the enemies when they are cornered in close choke points.


Breach will be able to control the halls and narrow lanes by providing early map control with the help of the Fault Line. This should be enough to make Breach the top choice for the map. The overlapping walls of the map also make it possible to use two abilities back-to-back.


Here is a list of Controllers that players can pick when playing Lotus map.


Since the map is huge, Astra mains would get the best advantage when they want to lurk. She will be able to guide her team by telling them the position of the enemies. If Astra mains use the smoke on A Root and A Rubble, they will be able to make for an early play and take Site.

For smaller sites, she will be able to have a huge impact on the defenders. She will be able to ensure that the enemies waste time as they try to enter the small entries that have been choked.


Omen is a player whose pick is heavily dependent on the kind of meta that is going on. He will be able to smoke on all three map sites since he has smokes that can be recharged again. In addition to that, his smoke can also be used to fool the enemies by ensuring that Omen mainly fake their smoke and enter from another side.

Players who play Omen on Haven will easily be able to use his abilities on Lotus, considering how similar these maps are.


Here is a list of Sentinels that players can pick when playing Lotus map.


Players can use Killjoy as their first pick for Lotus. She will be able to choke the hallways and have her Turret attack the lurking enemies. In addition to that, her Nanoswarms will be adding a much-needed thrill to the game. Lastly, her ultimate will help slow the enemies down. However, Breach can destroy it, so players have to be cautious.


Chamber can fight aggressively and even reach safety, but the nerfs he has received in the last few updates have turned him into a secondary choice.

Tips to Remember

The map guide can be extensive to read. However, it is extremely helpful for players who want to master this map. Having said that here are some tips that players need to remember when playing Lotus:

  • Make Killjoy the main Sentinel.
  • Chamber’s aggression might make or break the fight. The map style allows him to play but players have to be cautious.
  • Cypher will be lurking for a long while and will cover the area for you.
  • Cypher will be able to Lurk out any Sentinel that falls in the way of his Spycam.
  • Sage is perfect for holding C-Site and can use her abilities to stall enemies. If not, she can always provide healing and resurrect her allies.
  • Flash and Smokes are your best companions on the map.

That’s all for this Valorant Lotus map guide. Players who wish to know all the latest news, updates, and leaks surrounding Valorant can check out our page by clicking here.

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