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Genshin Impact 3.8 introduces new TCG cards: Kaedahara Kazuha and more

Angana Mazumdar

New TCG character cards in Genshin Impact 3.8

TCG has become quite popular in Genshin Impact since the recent prominent event in version 3.7. In another recent announcement, HoYoverse announced several new TCG cards to be introduced in Genshin Impact 3.8, including that of the fan-favorite character Kaedahara Kazuha.

The TCG feature in Genshin Impact has been gaining momentum since its release, especially after the v3.7 event “Duel! The Summoners’ Summit”. The event storyline added depth to the TCG gameplay and captured the hearts of many. The game has been as popular as ever with the many new additions.

The upcoming version of Genshin Impact 3.8 will introduce more new cards to the TCG roster. These will include three new Character Cards along with other new additions to the game. Let’s take a detailed look at the same.


  • New Genshin Impact 3.8 TCG cards
  • Kaedahara Kazuha TCG card
  • Yanfei TCG card
  • Candace TCG card
  • Genshin Impact 3.8 new TCG Action Cards

New Genshin Impact 3.8 TCG cards

Genshin Impact 3.8 will introduce three new Character Cards and their Talent Cards. Players can obtain these cards by inviting the characters for a duel from the Cat’s Tail Tavern’s board. The Character Cards that will be introduced newly are Kaedahara Kazuha, Yanfei, and Candace. Other than that, there will be five new Action Cards, which include three Event Cards, a Support Card, and an Equipment Card.

Kaedahara Kazuha TCG card

Kaedehara Kazuha TCG card
Credits: HoYoverse

Kaedahara Kazuha is one of the most popular characters, and after a long wait, is finally taking hold in the TCG. The card will have some great attributes similar to the playable:

Normal Attack: 1 Anemo die + 2 Unaligned dice: Deals two Physical DMG

Elemental Skill: 3 Anemo dice: Deals three Anemo DMG and converts it into swirl when triggered. When the Skill effect is finished, changes to the next character automatically. It also attached the “Midare Ranzan” effect to Kazuha which converts his plunging attack Physical DMG to Anemo DMG till he uses his Skill again.

Elemental Burst: 3 Anemo dice + 2 energy: Deals three Anemo DMG and creates a summon called “Autumn Whirlwind”. It deals 1 Anemo DMG at the end of the round for three rounds. It can also change its Elemental DMG type once on each summons if any element is swirled by the Character or by the Summon card.

Yanfei TCG Card

Yanfei TCG card
Credits: HoYoverse

The next new Character Card is of the four-star Pyro Catalyst user Yanfei. Let’s look at the card stats.

Normal Attack: 1 Pyro die + 2 Unaligned dice: Deals one Pyro DMG

Elemental Skill: 3 Pyro dice: Deals 3 Pyro DMG and adds an effect “Scarlet Seal”. This effect deals with +2 DMG once when the character uses Charged Attack once.

Elemental Burst: 3 Pyro dice + 2 energy: Deals three Pyro DMG and adds effects “Scarlet Seal” and “Brilliance” to the character. The “Brilliance” effect makes sure Yanfei uses one less Pyro die once every round for her Charged Attack.

Candace TCG Card

Credits: HoYoverse

Finally, the last Character Card to be introduced is Candace’s.

Normal Attack: 1 Hydro die + 2 Unaligned dice: Deals two Physical DMG

Elemental Skill: 3 Hydro dice: Deals three Hydro DMG. Also deals three more Hydro DMG the next time this character acts. Additionally, gives two Shield Points to Candace.

Elemental Burst: 3 Hydro dice + 2 energy: Deals two Hydro DMG and creates one “Prayer of Crimson Crown”. This effect stays for two rounds and during this, the Normal DMG of Candace deals +1 DMG. Physical DMG dealt by Sword, Polearm, and Claymore-wielding characters is converted to Hydro DMG. Deals 1 Hydro DMG when a character is switched.

Genshin Impact 3.8 new TCG Action Cards

Credits: HoYoverse

There are five new Action Cards as well in version 3.8. They can be obtained from the store at Cat’s Tail Tavern by interacting with Prince.

Ancient Courtyard (Event Card)

After using this card, the next time you equip an Artifact or Weapon Card, spend 2 fewer Elemental Dice than the required number. To play this card, there must be a character with a weapon or an artifact equipped. It is an “Arcane Legend” type of card. Arcane Legend is a type of card that can be played only once for the entire game. An Arcane Legend Card will always appear in the starting hand deck. Costs no die,

Covenant of Rock (Event Card)

Generates two dice of two different Elemental types. This card can only be used when you have no Elemental Dice left. It is also an Arcane Legend card. Costs no die.

Master Zhang (Support Card)

Companion Card that makes us consumes one less Elemental Die to equip a Weapon, each for every character with a Weapon. Costs one die to use.

Rhythm of the Great Dream (Event Card)

It allows us to spend one less Elemental die while equipping a Weapon or an Artifact the next time. Costs no die.

Fruit of Fulfilment (Equipment Card)

Catalyst Weapon Card which deals +1 DMG. Draws two cards as well.

The new cards provide an exciting opportunity for TCG players to try new combinations with existing Cards as well. The Action Cards further open an opportunity for dealing more damage to the opponents. Furthermore, Genshin Impact 3.8 is also introducing a new TCG game mode, where players will have to try to defeat as many opponents as possible in a given number of turns.

If you found this guide helpful, make sure to check out other guides on our dedicated Genshin Impact page to stay updated with the game.

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