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Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage guide: Everything you need to know

Angana Mazumdar

The event poster for Veluriyam Mirage Adventure in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 3.8 is all set to introduce a new area called “Veluriyam Mirage”,  a limited-time area that will bring new games and event storylines with its addition. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

The developers of Genshin Impact have officially revealed the details for Veluriyam Mirage ahead of its v3.8 release. As the release of the version 3.8 update draws near, players are growing excited about the prospect of a new area to explore.

The official name for Version 3.8 is Secret Summer Paradise, and its main emphasis will be on a time-limited event that takes place in a temporary location similar to the Golden Apple Archipelago. This version also brings us significantly closer to the Fontaine update in the subsequent patch. Let’s dive into the official details of the Veluriyam Mirage.

Veluriyam Mirage: An Adventure Invitation

HoYoverse has recently revealed a lot of new information about the new features we might encounter in the new area of Veluriyam Mirage. The area will also bring about new events and mini-games for a limited time.

Credits: HoYoverse

As an official first look, the developers released a few pictures providing glimpses of what to expect from the new area. The pictures show the vibrant colors of a theme park with impressive lights and makeshift stages. There are also plenty of decorations and ribbons across the region. As revealed earlier during the Genshin Impact livestream, players can expect the Veluriyam Mirage to be located in the Desert area of Sumeru. Along with the preview, they also introduced several new mechanisms in the game.

Water Droplet

Credits: HoYoverse

Hydro Eidolons are a type of water droplet, which are creatures of the Mirage. They can shapeshift and take the form of inanimate objects. They will be disguised as objects in plain sight in the form of a hide-and-seek game. Players may be rewarded for successfully locating the Eidolons.

The Hydro Eidolons also have the power to set up different kinds of puzzles by entrapping different objects inside the water bubbles. Players must carefully search their surrounding localities to find a solution to the puzzles by interacting with the appropriate object.

Choo-Choo Cart

Credits: HoYoverse

The Choo-Choo Cart is a new type of transportation system introduced in v3.8 for a limited time. It is a cart that will transport players along specific tracks. While traveling in the cart, players can unleash Hydro attacks called a Jubilant Wave. These can be used to destroy Bloatty Floatty balloons to complete challenges. Additionally, there will be mud balloons that can cloud the vision if they burst. There will also be a button that can be clicked to switch tracks.


Credits: HoYoverse

Preprint is yet another interactive feature that allows players to enter a two-dimensional space where they can cross certain obstacles to move forward. These murals are operated by “Streaming Projectors”, which can cast a shadow of 3D objects on the screen. Players can come out of the Preprint mode to move these objects around to overcome the challenges.

Gleaming Lamp

Credits: HoYoverse

Gleaming Lamps are lamps that illuminate when players install Brilliant Mirrors. Different Brilliant Mirrors can absorb different colored lights. Use the light of the same color to activate the Lamp Gems. These are puzzles that can grant rewards when solved. Additionally, the Gleaming Lamp’s illumination of a different color can destroy the Brilliant Mirrors.

These are all the new mechanisms to be found in the Veluriyam Mirage. If you enjoyed reading this article, do consider checking out our other articles on Genshin Impact on our dedicated page. There you will also find several other guides about version 3.8 and other upcoming content.

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