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God of War Ragnarok ending explained: What happens to Atreus and Kratos?

Aaryanshi Mohan

God of War Ragnarok ending

The most anticipated game of the year, God of War Ragnarok was released a few hours back and the ending already has people intrigued. The last chapter “The Realms of War” has everyone questioning what happens to Kratos.

Since the game was announced, fans have feared this would be Kratos’ end. Odin’s intentions have always been questioned and the last chapter has raised more suspicion. Does Kratos die? What happens to Atreus after Kratos? Whether or not Nine Realms was saved from Odin.

Read all about this and more regarding the ending of God of War Ragnarok.


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God of War ending has everyone emotional

The ending scene solves a lot of mysteries that were built throughout the game. It begins with Atreus in a camp where remains of Asgard are found. He spots Eir there as he is going around looking for his father. While his search continues, he sees Angroda and Fenrir, whose souls were saved.

The scenes move ahead as another heartwarming moment is seen when Kratos promises to finish the story he started with Loki and narrated it. The most intriguing takeaway from the game is the final Jotnar mural. Both Kratos and Atreus reach the Jotnar mural with the help of Angrboda and realise Faye destroyed Loki’s shrine in Jotunheim to keep him from knowing his actual fate.

It is at this point that realization dawns upon Atreus, and he becomes aware of more important tasks he is yet to take upon himself. He understands that he has to go beyond the shadows of Faye and Kratos and do something on his own. Faye had already given up everything in her power to protect Loki (Atreus) and Kratos.

As the scene continues, Atreus can be heard saying “There are other giants out there (outside of Nine Realm) and I’ve gotta find them. I have to do this alone. I don’t want to… but I need to.”

“It is hard to explain,” he continues his conversation with Kratos, visibly emotional yet determined.

All of this means he has to bid goodbye to Kratos and embark upon this new adventure on his own. Kratos asks him “Does it scare you… then you must do it.”  Essentially encouraging Atreus to face his fears.

What does this ending mean? 

Loki and Kratos have a final emotional moment together in which Kratos says “Loki will go. Atreus… Atreus remains.”  Both of them are left teary-eyed and after a final hug, they both move ahead. Loki leaves and Kratos realises that he could learn from the mistakes he had committed in the past. The scene then moves to a second mural in which a presumable “alternate prophecy” is seen. What entails in the newfound prophecy has something to do with Kratos’ future and he can be seen crying.

At this point, Freya appears with Mimir’s head and he asks “What do you see in there, brother?”

A path, replies Kratos, hinting at the only path he has ever known. The one he has to forge for himself and walked on.

The scene ends with Freya asking the final question, regarding what his final move is going to be. To which he replies, “There is so much to do. Much to build,” and all of them walk into the snow from where Freya and Mimir had come.

The ending of the game signifies that there is more to come, as far as the God of War franchise is concerned. The game has its fair bits of action, emotions, and meaningful conversations that set the tone for what fans can expect out of the God of War in the future. But for now, emotions can be curtailed and fans can enjoy the fact that Kratos doesn’t die and is with his son and loved ones.

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