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‘I Wouldn’t Choose Brooks’ Career’: Eddie Pepperell Claims Rory McIlroy’s Career Outshines Brooks Koepka’s Ahead Of 2024 Masters

Alisha Kotadia

Rory McIlroy

Eddie Pepperell recently remarked that Rory McIlroy has a flourishing career as compared to Brooks Koepka. During his appearance at The Chipping Forecast, the English professional golfer mentioned that even though McIlroy is only a four-time major champion, he is still far a better player in all aspects.

According to Pepperell, winning more Masters doesn’t only mean that the golfer’s career is superior. He made this comparison while juxtaposing Koepka’s five major triumphs with those of the Northern Irish professional golfer. This is considerable because Pepperell contemplates McIlroy to be an all-rounder.

Eddie Pepperell said (via Golf Magic):

“I’ll take you up on that comment. I wouldn’t choose Brooks’ careers over Rory’s at any point at this point. I think Rory could have one less major and I’d still choose Rory’s career over Brooks. Rory has proven himself to be such a more rounded player.”

Moreover, the 33-year-old golfer commented on Rory McIlroy’s numerous FedEx Cups triumphs. McIlory first claimed his FedEx Cup win in 2016, followed by another victory in 2019. He clinched his third win in 2022. 

Pepperell added:

“He’s won numerous FedEx Cups et cetera. I think Rory’s career is second to none at this point.”

Eddie Pepperell’s praise for Rory McIlroy didn’t stop there. He also discussed the 34-year-old golfer’s chances of performing the best at the upcoming Masters.

What did Eddie Pepperell say about Rory McIlroy’s chances for the Masters?

Eddie Pepperell remarked on how he’s analyzed McIlroy’s statistics and, taking all factors into account, believes the golfer will have a strong showing at the Augusta National. He even singled out McIlroy as the player to watch during the tournament.

“I think he’s going to have a good week. I’ve just looked at his stats, his approach play is good. He’s working on something different [with Butch], we’re not talking about him [and] I wouldn’t be surprised if Rory has a good one.”

Lastly, Eddie Pepperell went on to say how McIlroy has shifted his approach to playing more events before the start of the Masters. According to him, the golfer also stands a high chance of shooting seven or eight under par at Augusta. It will now be intriguing to see whether Rory McIlroy can achieve this feat or not.

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