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WATCH: Nelly Korda And YouTuber Grant Horvat Battle It Out In A Stroke Play Match

Kunal Singh

Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda has been the talk of the town ever since she recorded wins in five consecutive starts. But before she won a single tournament in 2024, the American golfer featured in a 1v1 battle with golf YouTuber Grant Horvat. The epic battle video between the two was shared by Horvat on his YouTube channel back in January 2024.

As they started their stroke play battle, Horvat informed the 25-year-old that they did not have any tee markers. They also had a funny conversation on rangefinders. After completing their first hole, the YouTuber asked Korda if she ever kept a check on her World Rankings. To which, the then-fourth-ranked golfer replied,

“Not really, because I feel like when you just play well, the ranking will come with it, so I just try to focus on what’s right in front of me. I feel like throughout my career, something that I’ve just focused on is being very present.”

While the duo prepared for the second tee shot, Korda vouched to start from the left of the flag stick, reasoning that her caddie often gets called out by her sister, Jessica Korda, for that.

“My caddy always tells me that. My sister rips him about that because she’s always listening on TV. She’s like, flag stick left. So I’m going to start this a flag stick left and draw it into the wind a little.”

The duo also had a long-drawn conversation about Korda’s family and their affiliation with different sports. Horvat revealed talking to Nelly’s father, who was a former tennis player, and brother, and their love for tennis. Korda also highlighted her mother’s decision to start a family being a pro tennis player, by the time she almost ranked in the top 25 in the world.

An Exciting Match That Ended In A Tie Between Nelly Korda And Horvat

The exciting 1v1 stroke play battle eventually ended in a tie as both Korda and Horvat finished on an even par score. The video has already crossed over 800K views and it seems that it would touch the one million mark soon.

Just 18 days after the video was released on YouTube, Korda recorded her first win of the 2024 LPGA Tour season. Her latest victory came at the Chevron Championship after defeating Maja Stark by two strokes.

Grant Horvat also went on to participate in the PGA Tour qualifier for the inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic just last week. Although he did not win the 18-hole shootout, he did share a reaction video of the event. Grant recorded a 7 over par 79 to finish 10th on the leaderboard.

It is noteworthy that Nelly Korda has skipped the JM Eagle LA Championship after winning the Chevron Championship taking a well-deserved break from the green.

“After grinding through the mental and physical challenges of four events in the past five weeks, I am definitely feeling exhausted…With so much still to come throughout 2024, I feel I need to listen to my body and get some rest, so I can be ready for the remainder of the season.”

However, with the kind of dominating run she has had, the American golfer may win many more titles this year.

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