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Patrick Reed Gets Roasted By His Caddie After a Shot Into the Trees At The Masters

Suchita Chakraborty

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed was already struggling with his gameplay on Saturday. Then, as his ball went into the trees, he ended up being roasted by his caddie, which the golfer didn’t perceive well. Patrick bogeyed the 18th hole to put him at 1 over 73 in the third round. Later, after the round, he revealed that he heard a few words from his caddie, which would have been better if he didn’t hear. 

Reed revealed that his caddie said, “Your driving has cost us a lot this week.” Then, Patrick Reed also talked about how the tree gave him a tough time throughout the week.

“So it’s just kind of one of those things that I don’t really know if it’s as much the driving, it’s just make sure I don’t hit it into that one tree on 18. That tree is now — I’m in that tree twice, so I’ve made a double and a bogey there because of that stupid tree.” 

Reed also said that his caddie, Kessler Karain, is a family member. Else, he would have dragged him to the 18th hole for mocking him at this dire moment. Moreover, Kessler was in the bag of Reed during the 2018 Masters win so such a comment from a close mate was quite unexpected. 

Patrick Reed’s performance in the Masters had been average since the first day, as he made a double bogey and ended up at 74 in the opening round. Then, in the second and third rounds, he secured a 70 and a 73. He now sits at T15 on the leaderboard. This isn’t the first time Reed was subjected to harsh words at the Masters Tournament. Tyrrell Hatton also said a few things regarding Reed’s slow pace during the first round of the event. 

Tyrrell Hatton Took A Jab At Patrick Reed For His Slow Pace

Tyrrell Hatton was already frustrated with the weather at Augusta National. over that the slow pace of Patrick Reed and a few others agitated him even more

Hatton said,

“The lads in front have been so slow…It’s a small field. It’s not hard to really keep up with the group in front. I understand if you’ve had a tough hole, but when it’s just like every hole, then it’s a bit more frustrating.” 

While Hatton was in haste to get into the game, Reed was trying to keep a mental balance to focus on his game amid the problematic weather. Thus, looking at the scenario from both perspectives, it’s quite natural to get enraged by Hatton’s delay and it’s normal for Reed to take more time to focus when the course isn’t as expected. 

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Suchita Chakraborty

Suchita Chakraborty


Suchita Chakraborty is a senior golf writer at The SportsRush. She did her post-graduation at St. Xavier's University. For a year now, she has developed a riveting inclination toward golf, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy being her top-tier motivational figures to indulge in the sport. She even lives by the words of the Hall of Famer, "You can always become better", which impels her to excel every day. Her strong suit in golf is covering the LPGA Tour, especially the nooks and crannies of the international event, the Solheim Cup. As a pastime amusement, Suchita also engages herself in reading about golf controversies. Her favorite pick is ‘LIV and Let Die’ by Alan Shipnuck, which covers the PGA-LIV beef.

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