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Phil Mickelson And Bryson DeChambeau Address Key Questions About Their LIV Golf Teams Ahead Of Singapore Event

Alisha Kotadia

Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson

After a successful outing at Adelaide, LIV Golf is headed to Singapore for its seventh tournament of the season. In the pre-tournament press conference, HyFlyers GC captain Phil Mickelson and Crushers GC captain Bryson DeChambeau were questioned about their respective teams and how each member has contributed to their ongoing success.

The moderator began by asking Mickelson about his teammate Brendan Steele’s recent win and what it’s like to be a leader to the younger players on the team. The 53-year-old golfer quickly replied, emphasizing that the influence was mutual and that being part of a team serves to elevate everyone involved.

“Well, it’s nice of him (Brendan)  to say that, and it goes both ways because I’ve learned a lot from him driving the golf ball and learned a lot from him in other areas. We’ve just kind of shared things back and forth, and that’s what a really good team dynamic brings is it helps lift each other up. I’m appreciative that I’ve been able to help him, and he’s done the same for me. It’s been a two-way street.

It’s worth mentioning that Steele won his first tournament with the Saudi-backed league at the recent Invitational in Adelaide with a total score of 18 under par. It was also HyFlyers GC’s first trophy, and they ended in the third position as a team.

Furthermore, when DeChambeau was asked to shed light on their ‘secret sauce,’ considering that currently, the Crushers GC team is first in the team standings and even won the team championship last year. The 30-year-old golfer highlighted the strong camaraderie and trust that exists among the team members.

“Our secret sauce is — I would say personally, from my experience, is the camaraderie we have between us and the trust we have in each other.”

Apart from this, the golfers also touched on other topics, including their views on expanding golf tournaments into the Asian market, briefly sharing their perspectives.

Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau share their thoughts about LIV tapping into the Asian golf market

In the same press conference, both golfers were asked about the importance of playing golf in Asian countries and the success it can bring to LIV golf. The six-time major champion responded by stating that bringing this level of gameplay to Asia and watching young kids’ eyes and the way that they look up to you was an indicator of the long-term success of the game.

Whereas, the 2020 US Open winner expressed his thoughts by saying:

“Being able to provide that opportunity and see, like Phil said, those kids’ eyes light up when we give them a golf ball or sign a hat for them or whatever it is, it’s inspiring not only hopefully to them but to us. It reignites us a bit, too, and allows us to feel like we’re doing something really cool that’s not really been doing the way we think it should be in professional golf, like LIV is currently doing.”

With the same level of enthusiasm, the LIV golfers are set to mesmerize fans in Singapore between May 3 and May 5 at the Sentosa Golf Club. It is to see if LIV Golf gains the same traction in Asia that it did in Adelaide.

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Alisha Kotadia

Alisha Kotadia


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