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‘Bigger, Badder And Better’: Bryson DeChambeau And Phil Mickelson Discuss The Prospects of LIV Golf’s Future

Kunal Singh

Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson

LIV Golf may not have garnered enough attention in its initial two seasons, but the 2024 season seems to grow in popularity with each day passing. The Adelaide Invitational was proof of its tagline, “golf but louder,” with over 94,000 spectators at The Grange Golf Club. When Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson were asked about their thoughts on the league’s future, their reactions were enough to reflect their confidence.

The Adelaide Invitational saw Rippers GC beating Stinger GC in a deadlocked playoff match. This could be what DeChambeau felt about the start of team rivalries in the league. The RangeGoats GC captain also expected the league to get bigger from the audience’s perspective.

“Wow. The future of LIV. We know it’s going to be here, bigger, badder and better than ever before. It’s just going to continue to keep growing over the next five to ten years.

LIV Golf already has six events outside the United States in 2024. As per the CEO Greg Norman, they plan to host more events in Asia and South Africa.

Ahead of the Singapore Invitational, Phil Mickelson expressed his excitement to see the league’s global nature. The HyFlyers GC felt the league would grow “over the next five or ten years.”

“I’m very bullish and excited about what that means for LIV Golf… I just see that the game of golf is going to grow on a much more global basis because of the excitement and the presence that LIV Golf has.”

The Saudi-backed league’s constant efforts to better their product have been visible since the start of the season. They partnered with Caffeine TV for digital streaming and it was reported that over 2 million viewers tuned in to watch the Jeddah event. The success of the Adelaide event is certainly proof of the league getting bigger and better.

Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson share their thoughts on LIV Golfers winning majors

Last year, Brooks Koepka’s win at the PGA Championship inspired LIV golfers and set a precedent for the Saudi-backed league. At the 2024 Masters, Bryson DeChambeau’s first three round of performances proved that the LIV golfers deserve an equal chance at the title. Although the American failed to win the green jacket, he did encourage other LIV golfers.

The RangeGoats GC captain advocated that the Saudi-backed league players were prepared for the major championship and could win one in the coming days.

“I think us LIV Golfers are prepared as ever to play major championships… We all have the firepower to play well and win a major championship.”

Meanwhile, six-time major champion Phil Mickelson has full confidence in his fellow players. He praised them by saying,

“I think it’s just inevitable. There’s so many great players on this tour that they’ll continue to win majors.”

Despite DeChambeau’s tragic loss at the 2024 Masters, three more majors remain for him to grab. Although the number of Saudi-backed league players getting invited can differ, the ones participating can still lift the trophy. It will be intriguing to see if any other LIV golfer can pull off a Brooks Koepka moment in one of the next three majors.

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