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‘They Thought It Was Best For Me’: Anthony Kim Calls His LIV Golf Comeback A Strategic Decision With Support From Experts

Kunal Singh

Who Is Anthony Kim, the Pro Golfer Who Is Returning After Taking a 12-year Break From the Sport?

Ever since Anthony Kim made his return to professional golf, there have been talks regarding why he decided to come out of retirement. Recently, he went on to reveal the reason behind his comeback by calling it a strategic decision taken with the support of people he trusted the most.

During the pre-tournament interview with LIV Golf Miami, he was asked what made him choose the LIV League for his return. The former Ryder Cup star stated that he did not know what was going on around the golfing fraternity and between the PGA Tour and the Saudi-backed league.

“There were lots of factors. Obviously, I haven’t done this in 12 years. And being away from the game, so many things have changed that I don’t know. All of what’s going on between the PGA Tour and LIV,” Kim said.

Anthony Kim credited some of his close people who asked him to join LIV Golf. He stated that he valued their opinion and the comeback decision to join the League was strategic.

“But I know that after talking to Greg, Jed, Richard, and a few people that I value their opinion. They thought it was best for me to go to LIV and it’s the best decision I made. And you know you and I have had some chances to catch up the last couple weeks. Just for everyone else, you know, you’ve been given this big global platform now,” Kim added.

Anthony Kim Would Advice His Younger Self “To Be Patient” With All The Things

During the same pre-tournament press conference of LIV Golf Miami, the 38-year-old American was asked what advice would he give to his younger self. Kim replied that he would ask his 25-year-old self to be more patient and appreciate the things he received. He stated that if had taken more time, he would have not been in the terrible situation he was in.

“There’s not enough time of the day. I would tell him to be patient, to appreciate what you have in front of you and really to take your time. Because if I took my time, I think, I would have realized a lot more things. But you know, I don’t blame anybody but myself for the issues that I’ve had.”
Anthony Kim was pretty successful in the early years of his professional career. He recorded three victories on the PGA Tour and had three top-10 finishes in the major tournaments as well. Apart from that, he was part of the winning 2008 US Ryder Cup team.
The 38-year-old reflected on the same success that resulted in him getting some advantageous opportunities. He called that a “slippery slope” and he could not make a comeback from there. However, Kim concluded that he was grateful to be back and felt honored to be playing the game again.
“With that being said I was thrown into a situation because I had some success in golf. That gave me different opportunities than a normal 23 or 24 year old and I took advantage of that. Once you get going down that slippery slope, it’s hard to to make your way back. And, unfortunately, I just kept going downhill.” Kim added by saying, “Somehow I’ve made it through and I’m sitting here in front of you. Just feeling really honored and blessed to be here because there’s a lot of reasons I shouldn’t be here right now!”

Anthony Kim will be seen playing at the LIV Golf Miami this week. He will hope for a better performance at Trump National Doral as he has not been having a great finish ever since his return to golf.

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