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Webb Simpson Shares Insights At The Wells Fargo Championship And Talks About His Role On PGA Tour Policy Board

Alisha Kotadia

Webb Simpson at Wyndham Championship

Ahead of the 2024 Wells Fargo Championship, Webb Simpson addressed a variety of questions in a pre-tournament press conference. The American professional golfer first shared his experience as a member of the Quail Hollow Club. He revealed that he joined the club back in 2011 and talked about how things have changed since then.

Simpson proceeded to mention that he relocated to the golf course in 2014 and has also made use of all the facilities offered. He was overjoyed to be at the golf course and to be one of the select few players who have competed in both a major tournament and a regular tour event at their home golf course. The golfer received an invitation to participate in the upcoming tournament at Quail Hollow via a fourth sponsor’s exemption for the season.

With the event starting in just a few hours, Simpson also discussed the current challenges of the golf course. He noted that the greens are only a year old, making them somewhat firm and challenging to play on. He hoped that the weather conditions wouldn’t be much of a hassle for the players competing.

When questioned about Rory McIlroy stepping down from the PGA Tour policy board, the seven-time PGA Tour champion acknowledged the complexity of the current situation within the PGA Tour. And that he knows that McIlroy would go out of his way to help with the discussions and the board choices.

“Yes, we want Rory to help. We know he can help and we know he’s going to help. Let’s all figure out a place where we feel good with saying can you help us here and if he feels good then great it’s a win for all of us.”

He proceeded to reflect on the numerous changes that he has witnessed in the sport during his tenure as a Player Director on the board.

Webb Simpson sheds light on the merger talks’ motive and how Rory McIlroy is an asset to the Tour

In light of the ongoing merger talks, Webb Simpson acknowledged that after some players had left the tour to join LIV Golf, there is now a concerted effort to determine how both circuits will collaborate and evolve in the future. The team at the PGA Tour was working tirelessly to get around these obstacles, and Webb was optimistic that the tour would come up with a workaround soon.

During the discussion, the moderator revisited the topic of McIlroy, questioning why he felt there might be some discomfort among board members regarding his return. In response, Webb Simpson clarified that that wasn’t the case. Instead, the board was actively working to determine where the four-time major winner’s role could be most effectively utilized. He emphasized that the board indeed wants the 32-year-old golfer’s involvement and sees him as a valuable asset in moving forward.

Since McIlory is not joining the board now, Webb Simpson will be continuing his term as a Player Director on the PGA Tour policy board. The duo are also expected to tee off at the 2024 Wells Fargo Championship, scheduled to take place from May 9 to May 12, 2024. 

While the merger talks are finalized, the future of the Saudi-backed tour hangs in the balance, and so does the chance of LIV golfers competing in the majors and the Ryder Cup.

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