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What Advice Did Greg Norman Get From Sir Nick Faldo Post His 1996 Masters Victory?

Alisha Kotadia

Greg Norman and Sir Nick Faldo

Greg Norman recently shared details of his 1996 Masters experience in conversation with American sports commentator Joe Buck. The renowned golfer, also known as the “Great White Shark,” first revealed his struggles with back and hip pain during the tournament. He mentioned how he knew that his golf swing was off, even though his performance was at peak.

Additionally, Norman recounted an interaction with a British journalist named Peter De Bruyne, who bluntly told him that he couldn’t possibly blow a six-shot lead on the final day of the Augusta tournament. The two-time major championship winner was leading the 1996 Masters tournament from day one, but he eventually faced defeat by the end of the final round.

After Norman’s defeat at the major, Sir Nick Faldo advised the Australian golfer not to let the media’s scrutiny affect his confidence in his performance. He also reminded him that interacting with the media is part of their professional duties, and encouraged him to face it.

“He (Faldo) said it was about the media. He said don’t let the b*st*rds get to you. Because you know, you have to go to the media room. You have to face your music, right? Nothing wrong with that. That’s part they got their profession.”

Tragically, the 69-year-old golfer was unable to win the green jacket as he shot a 6-over-par 78 in the final round. Meanwhile, Faldo, who had been closely trailing him and was in second place before the fourth round began, shot a 5-under 67 to ultimately win the major and don the coveted jacket.

It’s worth mentioning that although Norman never won a Masters tournament, he had triumphed twice in the Open Championship. Moreover, his first major victory was the result of the invaluable advice given to him by golf veteran Jack Nicklaus on his golf swing.

Jack Nicklaus’ Advice That Brought Greg Norman His First Major Win

Greg Norman was facing difficulties with his golf swing back in 1986 when he won the Open Championship. However, he was fortunate enough to meet Jack Nicklaus in a restaurant where they were both dining.

The now LIV CEO was quick enough to request some advice from Nicklaus before heading to the final round of the Open, the following day. To this, the American professional golfer responded by saying that he must be conscious of his grip pressure while hitting a shot. 

Norman followed the advice and performed his best on the final day of the event. He carded a total score of 5 under par and defeated Gordon J. Brand to win his first major title. He even confessed that this particular tip made him clinch many more victories on the tour.

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