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Simone Biles Wins the 2024 Core Hydration Classic Leaving Gymnastic Fans Thrilled

Radha Iyer

Simone Biles Wins the 2024 Core Hydration Classic Leaving Gymnastic Fans Thrilled

After her grand entry and hype for her participation at the Core Hydration Classic, Simone Biles proved her skills once again by winning the all-around event. This marks a successful step further into her Paris Olympics journey.

This year, the road to the Olympics has been historic, with Biles returning along with fellow Olympians, Gabby Douglas and Sunisa Lee. The Core Classics witnessed some of the most spectacular performances by them, along with other top-ranking participants.

Biles dominated the all-around category, followed in quick succession by World Championships icon Shilese Jones and fellow Olympian Jordan Chiles. Meanwhile, Lee dominated the beams and bagged the gold in that category, while Douglas faced some disappointments.

After an extended break since the 2016 Olympics, fans hoped to see her shine. However, she faced some challenges on the uneven bars and pulled out of the four remaining events. Regardless, the official page for Team USA has already hyped fans up for what’s about to come.



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“One step closer…”

So, what comes next for the ladies? Qualifying at the Core Classics would take the champions to the next event – the Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships. That will be their national-level competition before five of the best are shortlisted. The Team USA page seemed locked in on Biles being one of their favorite contenders for Paris.

“Simone was Simone’ing…
The road to the #ParisOlympics continues May 30-June 2 at the 2024 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships.”

Meanwhile, fans were elated to see the overall scores of the all-around category participants, particularly the top three. After the final results, many sent in their congratulatory messages to the gymnasts.

Gymnastics world celebrates Simone Biles’ win

For fans of the sport, Biles truly holds the title of champion in all of their hearts. Therefore, when she emerged victorious at the event, many were delighted.

“It was over for them when she came back”

Many pointed out how the top three champions being people of color is the best outcome.

“Omg ! This superpower all black girl podium makes me very proud and beyond Happy…congrats girls!!!”

Fans also sent their congratulatory messages to all of the winners.

“Congratulations ladies! Powerful, strong, and beautiful!”

Under a winner announcement post by the Inside Gymnastics Magazine page, a fan firmly believed that this year, the US Gymnastics team is bound to put up a tough fight.

“This may be the best Olympic year for the US because the competition is TOUGH”

Lastly, one of the loyal supporters was simply happy to witness history unfold.

“it was such an honor seeing these women compete today!!”

Now that the champions are on their way to the next milestone on their Paris Olympics journey, people are excited and nervous about their fates. If all goes well, the official Team USA for Gymnastics will be up soon, and Biles will have her redemption on the international stage.

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